Interactive Troubleshooting With Yonyx Product Guides

Customers will always have expectations before they buy any service or product from you. The most common is the desire to have all the information about the product or service you are offering. Traditionally manual PDFs and prints would be used but were less effective. Interactive troubleshooting using product bibles gives your customers a good start they need. Interactive troubleshooting guides are also good demonstrations for how your products work.

Yonyx enables organizations to create decision tree driven interactive guides for troubleshooting or how-to related customer self service.

Troubleshooting guides can help you enhance self service.
Interactive troubleshooting guides can help you enhance self service.

To help you offer the best customer service, Yonyx is helping you develop the best interactive troubleshooting guides for you, and your customers. It is a decision tree driven interaction that helps solve issues and promote customer self help which eventually helps you save money while earning positive customer satisfaction. It works by transforming your information into automated support system that is organized, clear and helpful in a way customers can use on their own. Consider these two.

Create visual stimulants.

Do not just use any visual stimulant to capture customer attention. Let it be something creative to ensure that their attention is caught. The key is to have a work flow that will capture their attention considering that most wouldn’t be so pleased reading through text. Yonyx guides are all these customers need.

Use multimedia guides

By using images, instructive articles and videos you stand a better chance of helping customers troubleshoot their telecoms. These three work by providing a customer service in a way that guarantees total attention making them solve issues without the need to call in for agent help.

Yonyx allow you to give the power of interactive troubleshooting with a wide range of contact center solutions.

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Develop interactive decision trees for troubleshooting, cold calling scripts, medical appointments, or process automation. Enhance sales performance and customer retention across your call centers. Lower costs with customer self-service.

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