Learn How To Reduce AHT In A Call Center In This Post

Call centers use average handle time to weigh performance and general efficiency. Average handle time is the time an agent takes to handle calls answered within a period of time. It is simply the time agents take when receiving a call to attend to a customer.

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Yonyx will help you lower average handling time in your call center.
Yonyx will help you lower average handling time in your call center.

According to how a call center works, AHT varies. Call centers can record more AHT or less AHT. Professionally a world class call center records less AHT. This is a call center that understands how important it is to record lower AHT and its benefit to a company. Many companies and start ups therefore need to learn how to reduce AHT in their call centers.
The first step to reducing AHT is through high quality training. Frequent trainings improve customer skills on phone thus reducing the talk time. Agents take the shortest time to understand and serve a customer. This improves call center efficiency as number of declined calls decrease, a benefit to the company.
A call script can determine the AHT in a call centre. Prolonged and complex call scripts can take a whole lot of time .This in turn increases the amount of a time an agent spends on phone with a customer. But believe it or not customers get fed up with unnecessary conversations. Script writers need to recreate a shortened and effective script to reduce AHT.

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