We still have a lot to cover.

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Apple has scheduled another product event tomorrow – and the blogosphere is brimming with speculation of all that will be announced. We have folks who claim to have “reliable” sources – and those simply regurgitating what others have speculated! I don’t claim to have any direct knowledge, nor direct sources – but I think the “cover” makes it obvious what Apple intends to announce tomorrow!

I believe (among other things) Apple is going to announce a larger iPad (not sure if it will be 12″ or 13″), with an A7 processor with 128MB, 256MB and 512MB storage options – it will come with a “cover” that will also work as a Keyboard! I am predicting the “cover” is not an optional accessory – it will come with the iPad. This is what (I think) the invite means by “We still have a lot to cover.” After-all 12″ or 13″ is a “lot” to cover!

Tomorrow might mark the beginning of the end of PCs as we know them …

What do you think? Like I said – I have no “inside sources” – so don’t have much more to cover!

If however, you’d like to hear about the future of customer self service through the use of interactive guides – I can sure speak with some authority!

May the best guess win!

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