3 Mistakes that lead to social media failure

The internet is one funny place. It is an area that welcomes all types of users; it does not discriminate on character basis.

Yonyx enables organizations to create decision tree driven interactive guides for troubleshooting or how-to related customer self service.

It is also one area that can contribute to the success of your business or failure. It is through social media channels that you will get to meet your real customers and those   who are out to destroy you. Customers being the most valuable assets you can easily get rid of them by attempting avoiding these mistakes on your customer experience management with social media.

Failing to listen to what customers say on your social media page is one mistake that many entrepreneurs make. By not listening you are sending a message that you do not care about them but their money. Listening to the digital voice is very important. They are the same people that you expect to buy from you. Failure to giving them your ear calls for doom.

Through social networks it is evident that your product will go viral. But customers do not need to be impressed by the technical jargon you use to describe the feature. Instead they need someone who will advice them on the benefits of the product. Focusing on your product does not add any value to your customer.

Failure to give feedback whenever a customer needs your help is one mistake that can lead you to loosing all your customers. Customers will not stick with you if you cannot provide a solution for them when they need it. But it’s not too late, identify your mistakes early and rectify them.

You can publish Yonices to provide better customer experience in your business. We make this process less laborious and simple.

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