3 Tips For Creating An Authentic Online Presence

Mind your online presence
Mind your online presence

The importance of having an authentic and active online presence has never been greater than today. As a result, most businesses see it as a perfect opportunity to talk one-on-one with their customers, via websites, blogs, and social media sites.

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Being active on social media sites is also a revered extension of customer service, online presence management and customer outreach. Here are tips to make your mark authentic online.

  • Respond to everything customers post

If you cannot when they visit your business premises, you shouldn’t ignore them online.

You wouldn’t ignore a customer if they walked into your store, and you shouldn’t ignore them online, either. You need to be on the lookout for any customer post and respond to it immediately.

  • Engage in conversations with your customers

You shouldn’t always try to get information from customers; engage them in dialogue about products, or your industry in general. This often helps generate trust- especially when customers want to buy your products.

  • Provide information

Nothing can replace good information in your customer service quest. Engaging in shameless self-promotion can be a huge turn-off for customers; instead, create content that is relevant and useful to your followers.

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