How Your Call Center Can Improve First Call Resolution

The main business of a call center is to pick calls and attend to customers. The speed required to answer that call should be as first as possible to ensure no calls go unanswered as it will affect a call center productivity. This is termed as first call resolution; the rate at which an agent picks up that call is very significant.

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Focus on first call resolution to grow your business now.
Focus on first call resolution to grow your business now.

Use of skill-based routing

Skill-based routing directs a customer to the most appropriate agent. The ability of an agent to answer a call depends on what questions the customer will ask. If questions are not from the area of expertise of the agent, he or she will not even answer that call. Hence, first call resolution rates will increase as the agent to whom the call is directed knows exactly how to answer the customer. This is possible by providing customers with tags that match the respective agents.

Have a good knowledge base

A knowledge base is meant to help both agents and customers. The only time call center agents use a knowledge base is when answering a customer. Its availability will depend on the speed an agent will use to answer the first call. It should therefore be easily searchable. Another thing is that a knowledge base should be up to date to be effective to the customer.

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