Taking Advantage of the CRM Analytics

In today’s sales practices, CRM or customer relationship management has become not only a necessity but a very powerful technology. If you’ve set your CRM system up, you might want to take full advantage of this tool to ensure that the investment was worth every dime.

Yonyx enables organizations to create multi-media flowcharts that replace the experience of getting help from a call center agent with interactive self-service.

CRM has analytic tools that you should use. It can answer questions about statistics such as – which customer pool gives your company the most profit? And, this is not the only information you can learn from the collected data in your CRM. In order to take full advantage of CRM analytic tools, you must do some housecleaning first.

Consolidate all spreadsheets that serve different functions across the system. Multiple spreadsheets, systems and databases are signs of a progressing company but it would be nearly impossible to analysis on them unless you combine everything into a single file. A single file is easier to analyze than a bunch of files.

All data must be transferred into a single location and check for accuracy. It is very time-consuming to check for the correct and updated information but a single outdated database can hurt your business. Cleaning the data you’ve accumulated so far is a primary issue in CRM but consolidating updated information is the basic foundation in order to take advantage of CRM analytics.

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