Traps about Social CRM Companies must avoid

It is hard to overemphasize the significance of social CRM to companies nowadays considering that social media like Facebook and Twitter have already been used as channels for getting in touch and building relationships with customers.

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However, business leaders don’t know exactly how they should behave within the realms of social CRM in order to “converse” with customers.

What are the traps that companies must avoid about social CRM?

Thinking they are in control of the conversation. With the emergence of different social media network and the evolution of customer relationship management into social CRM, business leaders must not think they are still the one in control of the conversation – because the customers are. Traditional marketing will not work in social media channels.

Failing to collect customer information properly. Social media is in a way a “public” domain where people can see each other’s activity and what-not. What companies should do is collect customer information – their needs, wants and issues – by regularly “attuned” to their activities. This means, companies must prepare a comprehensive database ready for engaging in social CRM.

Starting big then get overwhelmed. Social media is a “big world” and starting “big” with it could get overwhelming if you’re not yet ready for the task. It will always help if you start small and always thoughtful on how you’re going to engage with customers in this domain.

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