Reaching Customers through Podcasts

We’re not talking about what you sell here, but about what else you can offer that they’d really value”. – Jay Baer

It probably will never get repetitive or old to say that no business exists without its customers and irrespective of how long a company has been in business, customers will define its path. Of course, a company needs funds, working capital, top class employees, and other stakeholders, but without a strong, loyal, and profitable base of customers, none of these would matter. Not only is gaining customers important, it is crucial to keep them happy such that they stay with your company and always choose your company over any competitors. Let us look at why a company should look at reaching customers through podcasts, given the introduction on why customers are so important. We know that listening to customers is important, however, the communication remains incomplete unless your company has something valuable, useful, and informative to share with them at all times.

When we say that a company must ‘talk back’ to customers, we know that this is easier said than done. With so much noise in the marketplace, a company can shout ‘from the rooftops’ to gain attention, but still not ‘reach’ where and whom they want to.  There should be a way to reach your target audience despite the melee and the ruckus such that your company stands out from the others. Reaching customers through podcasts is one such, gaining more popularity, method. Podcasting is a channel for reaching customers that is now gaining importance and becoming more noticeable.  When it first started out, podcasting did not quite ‘catch’ on given the poor quality of recording. However, now with improvements in the technology, quality of recording has been greatly enhanced.

Reaching customers through podcasts is simple and yet even more engaging than other forms of media. Through quality content and an enthusiastic voice conveying the ‘sentiments’ of the company has become easier and yet more effective. The possibility of reaching customers through podcasts has increased significantly also because of the surge in the number of smart mobile devices and software that make listening to the podcasts easier. The greatest advantage of podcasts is that customers and target audience can listen to them when they want, from wherever they wish, and can choose the device they want to listen to them from. With so much flexibility, it comes as no surprise that podcasting is here to stay and is transforming and increasing the possibilities of reaching customers and a wide target audience.

The content of these podcasts can be anything that a company or its brand would like to convey. Unlike radio, where there are several guidelines and restrictions of what can be said, podcasts can be customized to gain close relationships with the audience. The fact that a particular customer or potential one chooses to listen to your company’s podcast, means that it probably has the personal touch and human side that customers seek. Most often the ‘listener’ would probably be the only one listening to the podcast using earphones – this is an extremely personal and solitary interaction and is probably a company’s best shot at gaining attention.  Reaching customers may have become a struggle but if your company can gain the attention of even a few people – that would set the ball rolling, as if the content is liked, customers / listeners are sure to share it through their social media sites.

Podcasting is becoming one of the more revolutionary means of marketing ones business to a large section of people – even untapped markets and unknown customer bases. It is a better method than radio or television too, since both these channels a hugely expensive for ‘blink and you miss’ slots, while podcasts can be several minutes to an hour long, at a fraction of the cost. While the radio and television messages are broadcast amidst several other messages and many people at one time, podcasts are usually listened to attentively, which makes it easier to build trust and a rapport with the customer. With a company gaining that kind of attention for several minutes, the possibility of showing off their human side and care for its customers is greatly enhanced.

The other great part of podcasting is that it allows a company several opportunities of reaching customers, who can view these information items even when on the go. All customers need to do is subscribe to this ‘service’ from a company, and they would receive the podcasts as and when new ones are produced. This makes it easier and even more convenient for customers – they do not need to search for ‘new content’ but receive it straight to them as soon as there is something new. The customer / listener can choose to listen to the message right away or ‘store’ it for when they have time. Even those who may not have subscribed to a service from a company, can search for programs and download them from the internet as and when they wish to listen to it.

Companies and businesses add podcasts to their websites regularly – it is not only a great way of reaching customers, but also ensuring that some new and interesting content is added to their online presence daily. This keeps ‘listeners’ and customers curious to know ‘what’s next’. Curiosity is a stepping-stone to interest and engagement and the more companies can ‘feed’ the interest, the more popular and liked they become. Reaching customers has probably become easier and a lot more convenient – a rather amiable solution for both customers and companies.

While podcasting is a great way of reaching customers, it must be remembered that here too – content is king. Content for this medium too must be superlative and written by keeping the listeners in mind. Remember that listeners wish to hear things that answer their questions, stoke their imagination, satisfy their curiosity, and do not sound like a preaching. Monotony and lengthy podcasts could leave listeners irritated and ‘cold’ – irrespective of the depth of information provided. The fact is that listeners usually have less patience with such recorded messages, as opposed to live content – keep this in mind when reaching customers through podcasts.

Every effort that a company makes to reach out to customers, takes up a significant amount of resources. It would be prudent then to use every single opportunity to turn casual listeners to customers, and existing customers to loyal brand ambassadors. If customers and listeners choose to listen your ‘message’, it must be worth their while and time – this would build trust and likeability for your company. The more trust a company can build, the easier it would be for customers to keep coming back, and bringing more people with them to do business with your company.

Reaching customers is not enough – the messages your company sends out must make them feel included and important. These are the feelings that give rise to engagement and make customers want to bond with a company. They begin to feel a sense of responsibility for the company and its brand – and they would do anything to make it successful.  Podcasting may be a new medium in the larger gamut of advertising and marketing, but if used correctly it can have a rather long lasting, memorable, and unique effect on customers and listeners. With just a little time and limited costs, a company can generate interest, gain a ‘fan’ following, and succeed in reaching customers in a way that could leave competitors gasping for breath. Are you ready to ‘podcast’?

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