Getting Messaging Right for Building Business

“Good content always has an objective; it’s created with intent. It therefore carries triggers to action.” – Ann Handley

In the last exposition we spoke about creative communication, and to take that forward we are talking about getting messaging right in order to build the business of a company by getting more customers and repeat business. Messaging is a branding method, which when used well would elevate the company’s offerings and brand. Most companies make the fatal mistake of believing that they do not need content and messaging, or that a one-time message would be relevant and sufficient for a long time. Whatever the reason for not getting messaging right, the result would be, ineffective communication, and the inability to get across to people who would be able to contribute to the success of the company.

Every company needs a robust messaging strategy and platform, such that everyone in the company is equipped at getting messaging right, i.e. messages that would suitably convey the values, culture, and benefits that the company and its offerings would provide, consistently. Getting messaging right is actually not just about conveying an idea or business proposal. It has several and significant benefits. For a company, it means being able to attract the right kind of attention from people who matter, which in turn would lead to a strong and reputed brand, grab the attention of a wider audience, and trouncing competition. Getting messaging right would mean explaining even the most complicated products and or services, to all kinds of customers, which would lead to greater awareness of a company and its offerings – meaning enhanced opportunities to sell.

Getting messaging right, as mentioned, is a dynamic process, and one that requires effort, time, meticulous planning, and thought. The mistake that several companies make is to focus on themselves – their company, culture, business – and forget to show the benefits that customers would receive by connecting with the company. Getting messaging right would mean that customers would instantly connect with the company, and know first-hand what they can expect to receive from the company, and the many advantages they would get from the association. Without appropriate messaging, it would be difficult for any company to build its brand, gain a position of repute and authority in the market, and create a strong niche. Unfortunately, many companies still try to cut corners and save a few bucks by hiring amateurs or creating content in-house that just does not make a mark. It is prudent to invest in a professional content writer / writing company who would be able to deliver the most accurate and effective messages each time.

As with any business initiative and endeavour, a company cannot hope to achieve success without an in-depth understanding of its target audience, and market. Without such comprehension, it would be impossible to create the right kind of messages, products, and services that would appeal to the target customer base. Getting messaging right is not guesswork or a fluke – it needs a clear business strategy that outlines the benefits of both the company’s business and the customer base. Knowledge of target customers does not benefit them alone. It also helps a company to create messages that would highlight its strengths and help it achieve its goals in a shorter timeframe.

In order for a company to send across the most effective and appropriate messages, a company must know and understand the needs, emotions, buying triggers, pain areas, and challenges of their customers. It must be able to produce offerings that would alleviate the stress and pain from the lives of the customers, at least from a business perspective. Getting messaging right would be about convincing the target audience about the efficacy of the company’s offerings, how they would be able to benefit from buying the products and building a long-term association with the company. Right messaging is about creating an emotional connection that can be heightened further as the association progresses. A company could have the best products and service, but unless it can get its messaging right to convey the quality and benefits of their offerings, a company would not be able to get out there and sell its products to anyone.

We know now that the top reason for customers to prefer one company and its products to another is customer service. In getting messaging right, the important thing would be to highlight the company’s agility and capability of providing top class service – service that is reliable, speedy, accurate, and speaks of the company’s expertise. Messages to customers must cover the company’s offerings too, but briefly and in a manner that they do not overpower the messages. The company must highlight its USP and lucidly explain all the benefits and advantages a customer can receive and the fact that they would receive the best service- better than any other player has ever offered.

An increasing number of people and prospective customers look up reviews and comments from existing customers and users before buying from and associating with a company. These comments are proof and testimony of a company’s prowess and expertise, which back the company’s claims and messages. For getting messaging right, it would be prudent to include such comments and ‘proofs’ such that the receiver can at first glance see how the company’s offerings have helped and benefited the current users. Post gaining permission it would also be helpful to include the names and contact details of the customers who may have provided their comments, to make it easier for the recipients to clarify doubts and apprehensions. In addition, including such comments provides proof that a company is dedicated to providing top class experiences to its customers, making it more attractive to prospects.

Every company must understand, establish, and spread what it knows to be its unique selling proposition (USP). Every company must have at least one such unique quality that would make it highly attractive to customers, and would make it stand out from the many players in the market. Getting messaging right is all about effectively highlighting this USP in order to make prospective customers care about your company and what it offers, and without which customers could well ‘shop at the neighbouring player’s store’. Right messaging is also about ensuring consistency and uniformity, while being innovative. The messages must be able to convey why a company’s offerings are better than anyone else’, why the offerings would matter to a customer’s business, and what the long and short term vision of the company is with regard to serving customers.

As mentioned, messaging must be consistent but cannot remain staid and same. A company must adapt its messages to the current situation, needs, and the customer for whom the message is intended. Adopting new methods of conveying the company’s image could feel out of place and unnerving at first, however, it is this unfamiliarity and intrigue, which would get the attention of the target audience. It would reinforce the company’s passion towards creating something new and exciting for the benefit of its customers. Without this element of surprise, the recipients would dismiss the message as being one they have seen and heard before, diluting the efforts of the company. Getting messaging right will make a company’s brand shine, convey the ‘story’ of the company, and ensure that your company stays in the forefront of people’s minds at all times.

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