Holiday Email Marketing for Customers

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“No matter how old it gets, email marketing will still be relevant.” – Paras Arora

Email is considered one of the more traditional methods of communicating with customers. Despite this being true, it is perhaps one of the most effective means of communication. As technology has advanced, the use of mobile devices has shot up, and users rely on these devices to search all kinds of information. According to research, an increasing number of customers shop even for the holidays using these devices– with at least 63%-76% users viewing holiday emails on their mobile devices. It would make sense then, that companies use holiday email marketing to attract the attention of customers.

Why should companies use email marketing more during the holidays? The fact is that emails afford customers and recipients to buy instantly. Companies use the ‘buy now’ button in their messages, which makes it very simple for the recipients to make purchases. IN addition, the call to action button not only allows the recipients buy, but also forward the emails to those they know would be interested in the products / offers. Companies usually offer some types of bonus, or gift, or special offer – which customers can claim when the share the information. The fact is that holiday season is busy and stressful, and companies that offer accelerated shopping through their holiday email marketing would certainly be preferred.

Holiday email marketing makes a lot of sense since there is an abundance of ideas related to content via emails. Companies can promote yet to be launched products, can invite subscribers to special events, provide customers with shopping tips, and other such valuable content. Business owners can reach a large number of people in a single email and can do so regularly before, during, and post the holiday season. The automated process of emails ensures that companies can keep the momentum of their holiday promotions, and can consistently send out interesting, useful, and engaging email content.

For companies too, holidays is a stressful time – putting together promotional strategies, email marketing campaigns, and other such strategies that would attract more purchases during the holidays, and retain the buyers long after the ‘season’ is over. Statistics show that companies have a better chance of increasing their sales through various holiday email marketing tactics – for example, at least 85% subscribers admitted that they would be more likely to buy from a company that sent them a coupon in the email. Another great way of gaining more customers through holiday email marketing is by offering free shipping. At least 93% of shoppers said they would be more likely to buy from companies offering free shipping since it would help them save money.

The fact is that holiday email marketing is an effective way of staying in touch with existing customers and gaining the attention of prospective ones. However, companies must remember that holiday season means a deluge of messages aimed at almost the same customers, and it is easy that customers miss a company’s email. In order to remain in the forefront, and be noticed by customers, it would be necessary to add zest and creativity into the company’s holiday email marketing campaigns. Several such interesting strategies are available, and companies must use the ones that would be most suited to their business and types of customers. Whatever the strategy, a company must ensure that the content is not purely promotional in nature – it must be such that it instantly attracts and arrests the interest of the recipients.

One of the other top advantages of holiday email marketing is that a company can give its regular customers a preview and allow them to buy ahead of the maddening rush. Customers must be encouraged to bring their friends, associates, and others with them, or at least inform them of the ‘sale’. Ensure that existing customers get great deals, and prospective customers find it easy to subscribe to the company’s mailing list, to receive information of upcoming events and sales. Since customers are always looking for good deals, such email marketing would be something they welcome. A company must take advantage of this fact and build up the hype leading to the sale, with a final exciting reminder on the day of the sale. This way while the company would have sent out ‘invites’ to a select few, these ‘few’ would be sure to pass on the information to others, thereby the company would be gain more reach and their ‘product sale’ would get more buyers.

Add value to your holiday email marketing by announcing free shipping during the holidays. Limited time offers on things such as shipping, create a sense of urgency and people decide to buy early in order to save some amount on their purchases. The holiday emails should also include information on the return policy of the company – even offering extended return period for the ‘first 100 customers’.

Part of successful holiday email marketing is showing customers and other subscribers that you care about them. One of the best things to do for them is making it easier to find the most appropriate gifts – which will help to reduce their shopping stress. Shopping tips and gifting ideas are a great way to help harried shoppers decide soon and intelligently. Several companies also add shopping coupons for the subscribers of their emails – which can either be used to buy gifts, or get good discounts on ‘select items’. Whatever a company can do to help customers during the holidays should be done – it increases the likelihood of customers returning even after the holiday season, and possibly becoming loyal customers over time.

Another beneficial aspect of holiday email marketing is that a company can share its past year’s accomplishments and recount happy memories it had with its customers. This builds a sense of oneness and engagement – drawing existing and prospective customers closer. Of course, the company must always remember to thank its customers for the previous year and for their support in the current year. In addition, if as a company you have decided to put in place additional facilities for customers – such as extended working hours and staff – it is a great idea to inform customers. This would enable them to plan their shopping schedules accordingly and they would be grateful for the effort – rewarding the company with huge purchases and bringing their friends and family as well to shop. Customers that leave names of friends as referrals could be offered a gift or some kind of good deal. The more leads a company can gain, the greater its chances of selling more even in a crowded holiday space.

Post the season, a company must not stop with its holiday email marketing. In fact, post the holiday season a company must encourage its subscribers to grab some more great deals, and use their gifts and coupons to buy ‘some new and exciting products’.

Holiday email marketing should be planned well – email frequency and themes – require meticulous planning. The content must be focused, interesting, engaging, and useful – ensuring that it grabs the attention of the recipients, and urges them to take action. A holiday email marketing strategy will help a company reach a large number of prospective and existing customers who would be gearing up for the rushed holiday season, with useful information and offers. When did your company begin its holiday email marketing?


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