Show Love to Your Customers

“If you love your customer to death, you can’t go wrong”. – Graham Day

It is Valentine’s Day, and wherever you look it seems as though cupid has taken over, red is the favourite colour, and those selling Valentine’s Day goodies seem to be doing brisk business. Couples are probably making several plans on how to spend the maximum time together and special things they can share – there is however, a group of people, who are actually the lifeblood of any business today, and they too need some ‘TLC’. Show love to your customers this Valentine’s Day (more than you do usually)! Even if your business is constantly abuzz with creating top class customer experiences through service excellence, it will not hurt to do that little extra occasionally. We are certain that you show love to your customers, and do whatever you can to serve them, but we think there are ways to show them that little extra love, care, and concern.

One of the top ways – seems clichéd we know, to show love to your customers is by consistently providing them top class customer service. The key word here is consistently. Ensure that your employees are always polite to customers, despite any channel of communication, deliver timely and efficient service and resolutions where possible, and apologize and make amends in the event of any kind of mistake. When a company constantly makes an effort to ensure pleasant experiences for their customers, it can be sure that customers would reward them with repeat business, positive comments, referrals, and do whatever possible to make the company successful. What better day, to start showing more love to your customers than the day of love!

Just as your business needs referrals, so does the business of your customers. Providing your customer as a referral to a prospective customer is one of the best gifts and one of the top ways to show love to your customers. Doing so shows your customer that not only do you understand their business, but you also care about their success and that they are constantly in the forefront of your mind. Referring your customer’s business would raise the amount of trust both the customer and the prospect has in your business, which would be sure to prove extremely beneficial for your company.

Everyone knows that today social media is an inextricable part of personal and business lives. Every company today should be connected with their customers via social media too. Staying connected with them via this medium would mean that when customers do announce some special events, publish accomplishments, or other such joyous news, a company would have access. Your company must not only wish the customer but also share the news on your own social media pages, thereby giving your customers their due importance and showing love to your customers in yet another way.

In personal relationships, we know that being heard is one of the most important aspects. In business too, customers love companies that show them love by way of hearing them. Your company can show love to your customers by consistently asking for their feedback and opinion. Feedback gathering can take place through informal and formal surveys, calling them to ask how they are and what they feel about your company. Additionally, ask them what your company can do to alleviate their problems, and what they believe would be the best solution to their issues, and do whatever possible to customize offerings, and personalize service to them. We believe that one of the top ways to show love to your customers is by personalizing every interaction, experience, and opportunity to serve them.

A company needs to focus on its own capabilities, revenues, and profits. However, while doing all of these things, it remains necessary to show love to your customers by way of doing some pleasant and unexpected for them. A fee waiver or an exclusive incentive or a freebie – all things that your customer may not ask for, but would surely be delighted to receive, and would know that your company truly cares about them.

We have established that customers are always right, is wrong. Despite this, show love to your customers by not arguing with them or trying to prove them wrong. Show them that your company cares by focussing on the issue rather than playing the blame game. Customers are entitled to make mistakes – and just as in personal relationships, in business associations too it is vital to keep the love, let go of ego, and show the other person how much you value them. Today on the day of love, focus on strengthening the relationship with your customers, and make them feel special. Tying in with this point, another way to show love to your customers is by showering them with useful information and engaging content. After all, as the expert on several subjects, it would be your company’s responsibility to help your customers in their business and personal lives. By sending them relevant content, your customer’s trust would become stronger, they would be more amenable to listening to your advice and suggestions without question, and would be happy to recommend your company to others. When you show love to your customers, they are sure to reciprocate.

Everyone knows that today ‘content is king’, and every company would benefit by publishing blogs and articles that would be relevant to their business, while being useful to customers and other readers. To add more style and flavour to your company’s content, and show love to your customers, invite them to share their views in a blog / article, for publishing on your company’s website and social media sites. This would be a great way to give your customers visibility and importance, while gaining readership for content published by your company. Conversely, the top brass of a company could contribute to the content published by the customer, by writing an informative piece for publishing on the customer’s online sites. In this case, too, both the customer and your company will increase visibility and awareness.

A highly profitable and sensible way to show love to your customers is by using the products and or services offered by your customer’s business, within your company – not only would this increase business for your customer, but would also serve to strengthen the relationship. In turn, your customer would be willing to use an increasing number of products from your company, while recommending them to their customers, business associates, friends, and family.

Remember that today an increasing number of people view comments and testimonials about a company before actually buying. As part of showing love to your customers, ensure that you provide sincere reviews, comments, and testimonials about them, their business practices, and products (if your company uses them). To go the extra mile, and really show them appreciation, your company could also create an interesting and engaging video, testifying about the many positives and outstanding achievements of your customer. Today, many tools are available, which make video making ‘a breeze’.

Last, but certainly not the least, send your customers flowers and chocolates on this Valentine’s Day. Do not forget to include a handwritten note, thanking them for their contribution, time, and efforts in making your business and the relationship a success. Break the rules – get a trifle adventurous, and go out to show love to your customers – they are sure to be pleasantly surprised, and would be happy to reciprocate your love in several ways.

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