Changing Customer Behaviour through Top Class Content

“Excellent content gets repeated in social media and increases word of mouth mentions; it’s the best way to generate buzz about a product” – Marsha Collier

Online connectivity and Internet technologies have irreversibly changed and influenced the world of modern commerce. Every business needs to attract customers in order to thrive and one of the most efficient techniques available to online businesses is to deploy top class content. We may state that this is as inevitable in a world characterised by the ubiquity of electronic connectivity, the rise, and on-going proliferation of e-commerce businesses, modern consumers facing a multiplicity of brands and products, multiple social media platforms, the growing legions of online shoppers, among others. Content adds value and in light of the above, the importance of content as a competitive strategy cannot be overstated.

Businesses that primarily operate in the online domain should consider the use of top class content to influence customer behaviour. This strategy should encompass multiple parts that may include a survey of customer tastes and preferences, the creation of a road map to achieve the objectives of content creation, developing and deploying appropriate forms of content, and testing customer responses to such a strategy. We must note that these components of the strategy may be brainstormed and may be pursued simultaneously. The feedback from each stage can be used to enrich the other components until a well-rounded strategy finally takes shape. The top class content should be used effectively as a business tool that can enable enterprises to attain the desired outcomes. For instance, a cosmetics brand that is also a purveyor of beauty products can choose to create genuine customer testimonials in a tasteful and aesthetic video campaign designed to highlight the merits of its many products. Television and the Internet can be the prime vehicles to launch and broadcast the publicity campaign. We must note that this content-backed marketing campaign can help customers to relate to beauty products; the outcomes of said campaign may include a significant uptick in the revenue generation of the cosmetics business enterprise.

An online business strategy that hinges on the deployment of top class content should take care of context. For instance, a toy manufacturer can choose to initiate a regular web campaign premised on animated entertainment. The website and the social media handles of the toy maker are appropriate locations for the said digital campaign. The cartoon-powered entertainment series should primarily comprise original programming to qualify as top class content. To that end, the said enterprise may hire the services of qualified digital animators and dovetail said digital series into its marketing mix. We may infer that such a deployment is likely to raise the profile of the enterprise in relevant markets, attract attention from existing and fresh customers, significantly boost business earnings, and consolidate the brand image in the eyes of all stakeholders. In addition, the business appends content from the digital campaign in its print advertising to amplify the business impact of the initiative. This can be viewed as a relevant instance of the online domain collaborating with the offline world to further business objectives.

When we examine some of the basic nuances of human behaviour in the world of publicity and marketing, we note that mild provocation can be deployed effectively in the creation of top class content. Visual images with a mildly provocative flavour can be used in the creation of such content. This technique is documented in the case of a readymade clothing and apparel manufacturer that deployed images of multiple human models from different ethnicities in its advertising, print, and digital campaigns. We must note that this approach should be monitored strictly for adherence to the norms of decency and once that is accomplished, the potential for creativity becomes endless. The use of bright colours and different skin pigmentation in the visual images can send a powerful message to all observers. We must note that this campaign can be thoughtfully stewarded to include social messages. It comprises an instance wherein top class content can garner significant attention from both online and offline audiences.

Great literature can be deployed as a crucial component in a campaign that hinges on top class content. For instance, a digital publisher can use excerpts from world literature in an attempt to attract online traffic to its Internet presences. The use of brief portions of literary greatness curated carefully can be brought to the attention of the online masses. This technique has the effect of introducing great pieces of writing to fresh online audiences, while spotlighting the business message. We must note that the legal aspects of using such literary creations (copyrights, etc.) should be weighed carefully by businesses before the campaign is set in motion. This instance of using top class content can induce readers to explore the different offerings of the digital publisher on a regular basis. We may note that a dedicated community of such readers can emerge in time and this pool can represent a distinct business win for the enterprise. These actions and their aftermath can translate into higher sales and boost the bottom line of the said business.

User-generated content can be actively pursued to create a publicity campaign that has the power to mould customer behaviour. For instance, an athletic goods manufacturer can use user-created videos and authored pieces to attract attention to its website and social media handles. Amateur athletes and regular users of sporting equipment can be invited to reflect on their experiences. These pieces of video and text can be submitted to the website for publication. We may note that such invitations can attract submissions from a wide range of customers that feel free to share their experiences in their chosen domain of sport. Interesting insights and online interactions can follow the implementation of such a strategy underpinned by top class content. The online community can also exchange all manner of information and the business can gain a lot of exposure for its brands. This strategy offers a number of possibilities, which can be explored in the pursuit of consistently spreading a commercial message.

Businesses may choose to add a different high quality image (or high definition wallpaper) to their website in an attempt to influence online customer behaviour. For instance, a travel website may opt to offer its visitors free high definition wallpaper featuring modern modes of travel (via land, water, and air). We must note that this technique hinges on a basic human need to novelty in our daily lives. The free-to-download wallpaper should reflect the choices and tastes of its daily visitors and customers. Social media buttons on the web page can encourage users to share their reactions via emoticons. We must note that this technique represents a different facet of using top class content in the service of a business enterprise.

In the above paragraphs, we have sought to examine some of the instances wherein, top class content can be leveraged in the pursuit of business objectives. Every online business enterprise should consider the use of such techniques because the outsize returns more than justify the business investment in said strategies. High quality content can help businesses to elevate the level of customer engagement and hence, should mandatorily figure in the playbook of every online marketing strategist.


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