Create Social Hype for Startup with the Help of Flowcharts

“Engage, Enlighten, Encourage and especially…just be yourself! Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset.” – Susan Cooper

Digital platforms, such as modern forms of social media, represent a virtual yet pervasive reality in contemporary times. This recent development represents an ongoing democratization of information and urges the citizenry to participate in online exchanges that hinge on ideas, views, and opinions. The domain of commerce and new business has also enthusiastically participated in digital social media through innovative online campaigns, contests, advertisements, seasonal greetings, community development initiatives, influencer interventions, and business promotions.

Such actions are, in part, premised on the intent to create social hype in a variety of commercial contexts, such as the launch of a new product line, the offering of digital coupons, the announcement of app-exclusive discounts, new shopping festivals, hiring campaigns, open competitions, etc. Ergo, the expanse of such narratives enables us to appreciate the importance of social hype and the many outcomes that follow successful publicity campaigns orchestrated in cyberspace. In addition, these narratives encourage the development of unique campaigns calibrated to create social hype on behalf of a new enterprise, and elevate the fine art of creating digital marketing pitches to new levels.

Compelling narratives, when artfully presented, empower startups and marketing professionals to create social hype about a new product and attract high levels of attention on social media platforms. The designers of such a campaign can offer sections (or episodes) of a narrative at a certain hour each day for the consumption of fans and followers. The ensuing attention guarantees high levels of exposure for the yet to launch product, thereby stoking enthusiasm and anticipation among digital audiences. The narrative, when indexed with a digital countdown timer, can help direct the attentions of audiences to the impending launch of a startup or the eventual success of a new product. A flowchart can help designers and marketing professionals to design and calibrate the startup campaign, map its ancillary activities, and etch outstanding instances of campaigns that create social hype.

Brands with a strong following on social media platforms could explore publicity strategies that hinge on giveaways to participants in an online contest. This tactic to create social hype bears potential to confer free, enduring publicity on a sponsor startup and excite the imaginations of digital audiences. A flowchart designed to outline such a strategy could include a range of inputs, such as the duration of a contest, the brief rules that govern the contest, a list of prizes and giveaways, the number of ‘likes‘ to be recorded, tokens for the best user comments, the number of ‘shares‘ generated by various messages authored by fans of sponsor brand, etc. The giveaways could help create social hype at a different level, thereby ensuring high levels of brand recall in the minds of social media participants and digital audiences. The act of outlining such detail inside an illustration can generate definitive impressions on the minds of marketing professionals, thereby enabling the illustration to act as a guide in the design of future contests.

There’s still nothing like a sharp, shareable video to get your audience buzzing on social media,” according to astute observations penned by social media observers. This assertion hinges primarily on the entertainment quotient beloved of social media followers and audiences in modern times. In line with this, a startup’s handles on micro-blogging platforms could create social hype by regularly posting quirky, artistic, funny, or novel posts that center on a choreographed video montage. High-voltage excitement could follow in the cyber domain, thereby sparking long threads of comment, conversation, applause, etc. Brands could intelligently leverage such hype to spotlight a variety of commercial messages and generate sales from the online domain. A flowchart could prove instrumental in mapping the contours of such a strategy and plot intelligent iterations of a video-based hype campaign designed specifically for social media platforms.

Slow animation clips, when accompanied by appropriate soundtrack, can package a powerful commercial message that helps create social hype on behalf of a startup or brand. These digital artifacts may appear as marketing stunts designed to garner audience attentions on social media handles and, for instance, boost flagging sales for a flagship product. A host of graphic effects could add to the atmospherics of the animated artifact, thereby helping create a complete communication that vies for the attentions of audiences. Multiple editions of such messages could, in fact, rejuvenate a brand presence in social media, and subsequently translate into higher levels of sales in the real world. This strategy represents a fine instance of the digital and the real melding seamlessly to overhaul the commercial fortunes of a brand. The flowchart represents an ideal platform in which designers can ideate the moving parts of such strategy.

Hashtags, a uniquely digital phenomenon, are designed/deployed to propagate various aspects of startup promotion in specific contexts. When deployed intelligently, social media hashtags can create social hype in areas that operate beyond the reach of traditional media platforms. However, brand architects and the proprietors of a startup must work to ensure hashtags remain consistent and unique in every campaign; this ensures the generation of specific brand identity that benefits legions of social media fans and followers. In addition, brands can choose to design robust hashtags for different editions of social contests (and online promotions) with a view to generate higher levels of traction in audience engagement and brand awareness. For instance, a business could produce and broadcast bespoke hashtags for holidays, seasons, conventions, and activities in a bid to capture audience attention throughout the calendar year. These strategies, when charted inside an illustration, prepare the modern enterprise to create social hype and refresh a business presence in social media platforms.

Blogs, equipped with defining keywords, can create social hype that generates priceless exposure for startups in the online domain. In line with this, the founders of a startup could author a regular blog that incorporates a list of keywords. The headlines of each blog post could feature inside social media handles operated by the startup, thereby amplifying exposure for the new business operation. Certain elements of automation could help establish a regular presence on social media, thereby generating a greater acquaintance with members of online audiences.

Additional strategies to boost the primary tactic could include a sign-up page that allows visitors to receive regular newsletters, thereby boosting the brand recall of the sponsor signup. Further, we note such activities can empower online audiences to discover the website of the sponsor startup, and open the proverbial floodgates for new business opportunities. Flowcharts remain the ideal platforms that can articulate and develop such strategies; these illustrations can spur startup founders to explore additional techniques to create social hype in cyberspace.

Every startup operator could consider these ideas and strategies to leverage the exponential power of digital social media platforms. A variety of techniques can assist these individuals pursue the goal of generating social hype among digital audiences. However, operators must remain aware of the responsibility to deliver on promises; this factor alone can ensure a mass following in social media, which can translate into fresh business opportunities. Further, flowcharts must remain the essential means to deliver innovative strategies, owing to the essentially flexible nature of such illustrations to explore and spark voyages of discovery in light of prevailing trends in modern markets.

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