Creating and Using Customer Testimonial Videos

“If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then video is priceless,” – Neil Patel

A customer’s testimonial video can be an exciting business tool. The combination of moving images and the accompanying sound track can be used to develop an arresting sales pitch. The commercial organization can use such tools to showcase its business achievements, acquire new customers, and retain existing custom. We have to bear in mind that the testimonial video is a document that cannot be easily acquired or faked. The very act of a customer giving his or her assent to a request for a testimonial video speaks volumes of the customer’s faith in the said business. We must note that such a customer is taking a conscious decision to endorse the products and services of a business enterprise, thereby effectively becoming a brand ambassador. A testimonial video also helps the business enterprise to measure customer satisfaction. This can be derived from the fact that the customer is using his or her own words to express his or her approval of a certain product or service. An enthusiastic performance on video can also help the business enterprise to identify a product or service advocate.

The modern business enterprise should invest a great deal of thought and some business capital into the decision to invite customers to help create testimonial videos. The business has to bear in mind that the intelligent customer may have his own point of view and that his narrative cannot be scripted. At best, the customer may be given some talking points to include in his or her performance. The crux of the testimonial video lies in the prior user-experience that was afforded to the customer. Therefore, a business must be cautious in terms of picking the right customer to star in a testimonial video. Further, a business enterprise may consider using a combination of different customers to get its message across to the audience. This strategy can prove its worth in outcomes wherein, a number of customers are speaking on the many aspects of customer service extended them by the business enterprise. Each customer can be requested to hold forth on a couple of points so that the final video product illustrates a wholesome end-user experience.

A customer testimonial video should be a competent media production that conveys a positive message about a business. The body language and facial expressions of the customer should be correct if the video is to convey the right message. In addition to video and audio, the creators of the media experience should consider adding animation and statistics to the video. This can help to enliven the proceedings, while helping the customer to stick to a business tone in his narrative. A customer quote can also be displayed on the screen in the form of moving or static text. Therefore, the intelligent use of video content, images, and customer quotations can make for a compelling marketing tool. The creative use of such communication can truly embellish the testimonial video with meaning that cannot be conveyed otherwise. We should note that the full power of video can be intelligently brought to bear on the customer’s testimonial.

A fine example of a customer testimonial video can lend itself to many uses. The video can be used as part of a sales pitch to new customers; it can also be used to transmit the core competences of the business enterprise on its business premises. Select stakeholders can be gifted a copy of the video to demonstrate the company’s ongoing commitment to the customer. We could also note that such videos, or certain parts thereof, can be embedded in the company’s website and its presence in social media platforms. The act of using such testimonials for publicity also indicates that the company is justifiably proud of its business performance. Further, these videos can be used as a narrative to highlight business achievements to the commercial competition. In addition, the customer testimonial video can be used as part of permanent media exhibits in corporate headquarters. These exhibits can go on to form a part of the company’s culture, can be used in employee induction processes, and can be displayed to visitors and sales prospects.

Beyond the obvious benefits, the customer’s testimonial video also signals corporate intent to stay in the business over the long term. This is important in commercial markets where every business enterprise is working to distinguish itself from the competition. A competently crafted testimonial also indicates that the corporate enterprise does not intend to rest on its laurels; instead, the glowing testimonial is a reminder for corporate chieftains (and the company’s rank and file) to set the bar higher and achieve new levels of performance. Further, the testimonial stands as a message that the business enterprise values the thoughts of the customer and is confident in its abilities to deliver business value to every customer. The multi-media document can be used to boost business confidence in the company’s rank and file by reminding them of past achievements measured in terms of customer delight.

A success story from a high-profile customer can work wonders for a business enterprise. The enthusiasm of the customer to speak in favour of a business experience can come through vividly in a video testimonial. The physical attitude of the person and his or her words can combine to create a distinct impression on audiences worldwide. The video-based customer testimonial is all the more relevant in modern times because the Internet is an everyday phenomenon today. The video can find pride of place in a variety of electronic communication platforms that are frequented by modern consumers. Further, a video-based testimonial helps to create an indelible marketing message that can convert sales prospects into firm believers, read customers. These developments have real-world consequences in that they can help a business to reduce its business expenditure on traditional marketing and sales channels. Therefore, we could say that a well-crafted customer testimonial video is a force multiplier for modern business enterprises.

In the preceding paragraphs, we have outlined the various benefits that follow a customer testimonial video. We have to bear in mind that testimonials build trust and establish the customer’s confidence in a business. The video image of a customer narrating his strong faith in the products and services offered by a business is an emphatic vote of customer confidence. The video can have a ripple effect and may serve to attract more customers to the business, while helping to develop a culture of confidence in the rank and file of the said business. Actionable customer insights are another outcome of a testimonial video. This is important because the customer may choose to voice his or her expectations from future products and services. This information can be used to impart tone and direction in new product development efforts. A good video-based testimonial can help prospective customers to overcome their scepticism and invest time and attention in a business enterprise. Testimonials can also help to drive purchase decisions and may be the starting point of a long-term business relationship. Further, customer testimonials can serve as important tools in business that serve long-term objectives like consolidating customer trust and boosting business confidence.


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