Drive Business through the Company Logo

“To rise above the clutter, a symbol or a logo is the fastest communication known to man. It unlocks associations with your brand on sight, so it’s important to get it right the first time around.” – Alina Wheeler

The adage that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ rings true in the case of a company logo, since an attractive and alluring one will be identified and remembered. It is possible to drive business through the company logo. When customers (target ones included) can form an association of colour, design, size and other aspects with a certain company logo, they would find it easier to connect. We have discussed at length the importance of an emotional connection between customers and brands and a company logo forms a crucial component of a brand. It is the first thing customers see that is associated to the brand and hence a standout company logo will drive business since it would garner a lot of attention and curiosity and more often than not, queries can be converted to actual business.

Being able to drive business through the company logo is easier since it has a higher recall – more potent than the best content. Given the high visibility and natural standout quality of a company logo, companies must be extremely cautious when creating one. A badly done or sloppy company logo can easily drive business away, as it would destroy the image of a company. The purpose of a company logo is to reach out to a large audience and form an emotional connection with the company’s offerings, without using any content or explanatory description of any sort. To remain successful a company must drive business to itself and therefore designing the company logo should be a major project for the company. Many companies hire extremely expensive and high profile professional designers for this purpose – just goes to prove that they understand the value of the company logo to drive business and customers toward themselves. Any expert designer will tell you that the company logo – shape, colour, size – all affect the perception of consumers with regard to the company’s products, culture and even how they would treat customers.

It is no surprise then that companies hardly change their logo – especially if it has been highly successful. Even if the company logo must be changed or altered in any way, it would be prudent for a company to affect the change gradually and ensure that they put out a notification of the change. For example – when the top search engine decided to change its company logo, the notification of change was gradual and remained on their ‘page’ for many days ensuring that all their users were aware of the new logo. Businesses exist because of customers and hence it would be sensible to consult them before a company decides to change its logo. Getting customer feedback on this crucial aspect is a sure shot way to drive business through the company logo – customers feel important and valued and anyone in business knows the value of making customers feel this way.

Companies can drive business through the company logo since the logo is the first association with its brand identity. The company logo is the single most visible and valuable component of the brand and hence afforded due importance, attention, budget and a professional team to work on it. The company logo is present everywhere – company website, social media sites, company stationery and business cards, advertisements, promotional material, hoardings and other such areas. A well-crafted company logo can drive business for a company while a sloppy design can turn away prospective customers for good. A great company logo will instantly form positive impressions and perceptions in the mind of all customer groups – and we know that customer perception soon becomes the reality for any company.

It is possible to drive business through the company logo (well crafted) since it accentuates the essence of a company by creating a certain image of the company. It serves to capture the imagination of the consumers and keep them fixated on the company and its offerings, leading to an emotional connection that would translate to loyalty and profitability. Research has shown that customers were willing to invest their resources in a company where the advertising content was more easily inferable from the logo. In the world of business, forming an image is perhaps the topmost element for a company to drive business and the company logo contributes toward graphically displaying the company’s uniqueness and brand identity. As an example – a highly reputed fast food chain has a logo that is easily identifiable even by little children and the moment they see something similar, the first reaction would be to associate it with the company. My friend’s daughter would get all excited on seeing the logo and would insist on visiting the outlet – even a single food item bought from there was enough to keep her happy. The child is now a teenager and her ‘emotional connect’ with the logo continues. Such is the power and potential of meticulously designed and forward thinking, company logo design.

For a company to drive business through the company logo, it must make every effort to keep the logo central, identifiable, alluring and instantly visible. This enables otherwise rushed customers to notice, share and have a high recall of the company and its brand. As in the above example, the teenage girl has such a deep connection with the company logo she is able to drive business to the company by way of convincing her friends to eat there each time they are out for fun. A highly impactful company logo can drive business toward a company and thus be instrumental in vanquishing its competitors. The company logo must be a positive ‘advocate’ and image for the business and all that it stands for and fit in with the mind-set of the target audience. Designing the company logo thus requires time, care and attention if a company is to drive business toward itself.

A professional and well-done logo will drive business toward the company since it would represent the manner in which a company runs. It would be the ‘window’ showing potential customers the true quality of the company’s offerings thereby encouraging trust and dependability. In any business, customer trust is a huge advantage and one that is practically impenetrable by outside negative influences. Based on this feeling of trust, people decide to go ahead with the ‘relationship’ with the company. An alluring and eye-ball grabbing company logo would instantly appeal to the targeted customer segment, who would then not only enter into business with the company but possibly drive other business toward it too.

There has been a surge in new companies and start-ups and continues. They pose a massive threat to established companies. However, study has proved that a well-designed and eye-catching company logo stays in the mind of the customer enabling them to remember your company whenever they do require the products and or services offered by your company. Professionals have often described the company logo to be as distinct and unique as the signature of a person. Hence, in order to drive business through the company logo, it is imperative that it shows uniqueness – an unforgettable and unmistakable mark of the company that spells originality and ensures that people remember it and can drive business toward your company.

In order to drive business through the company logo ensure that it stands as a single entity, complemented by, but not encumbered by, content and other promotional strategies. It must stand for what your business is and aims to be and only then, will it drive business and serve to build relationships with your customers.

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