Ensuring Quality and Authenticity of Videos to Attract Customers

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“Surveys indicate that an estimated 61% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool. Marketers with untrained eyes are creating great social video content with little more than a smartphone. And, people are watching!” – Blog.Hootsuite.com

Marketing and publicity campaigns represent the twin handmaidens of modern commerce. These disciplines are necessary for businesses that seek to operate in competitive markets and thrive in complex, fluid business landscapes. A recent trend in marketing indicates the use of video has gained incremental momentum in commercial marketing campaigns. The moving picture, accompanied by a soundtrack featuring music or conversations, has the power to transfix the human imagination. Brands can convey powerful messages through carefully created video creations. Therefore, modern brands and businesses must ensure the quality and authenticity of videos in a bid to attract the attentions of their clients and customers. We will examine some of the techniques that enable commercial operators to create quality and authentic videos in the paragraphs below.

Real world customer stories are important to create engaging video-based marketing videos. Brand strategists can create digital storyboards centered on genuine customer experiences in a bid to guarantee the quality and authenticity of videos. The outcomes of such an initiative can create an outstanding commercial video that will likely gain widespread acclaim from online audiences. The human mannerisms and the nuances of a customer conversation (as captured on video) can truly underscore the product qualities claimed by a certain brand. For instance, a happy customer of a certain brand of power tools can form the centerpiece of a commercial or marketing video. The facial expressions, the spontaneity of the conversation, and the visual narrative captured on video can create a bona fide customer testimonial that has the power to attract new customers and spur conversions.

A straightforward video format can help marketers to guarantee the quality and authenticity of videos. Brands that seek to project a brand message must focus on the content of the video rather than on elaborate sets and complicated backgrounds. This sharp focus on a vanilla video format should help online audiences to assess the message transmitted by the video. The multiple conversations with customers should project an emphatic brand message sans any visual distractions. In this context, we note that a minimalist approach to creating a marketing video can create a stark visual image that spotlights the quality and authenticity of videos. Further, brand managers are advised to stick to a conversational tone in a marketing video; this enables the average members of online audiences to relate to the tone of the essential message encoded in said video.

Brevity is the soul of artistic creations. This dictum applies to commercial videos as well. Therefore, media planners and brand strategists should consult with video professionals to etch “a compelling, brief, and focused brand message.” This means that the visual message must be uncluttered, sincere, and simple to transmit. For instance, a brand that manufactures premium toiletry products should create video messages that stress on the premium ingredients of said products. These videos can include customer reactions and industry comment in the narrative. A direct tone should help the brand to convey a simple message focused on the intended brand message. This also means that fancy video editing techniques must not find any place in the video creation process. Brands that adhere to these recommendations can guarantee the quality and authenticity of videos.

Competent editing is critical in fashioning an effective commercial video product. “Being concise helps keep your audience engaged and drives them to whatever your call to action is.” Video makers need to bear this in mind when they envision their next video-based marketing message. This necessitates visiting and re-visiting a video creation with a critical eye. We note that professional video editors can offer valuable advice, as can brand managers that originate the concept on which a branded video message is constructed. Brands and businesses can also ensure the quality and authenticity of videos by scripting certain aspects of the visual narrative. This technique helps creators to frame marketing videos in the correct context, and subsequently build the narrative. This entails planning and storyboarding activities at the onset of the project.

Animation can be an important part of storytelling. Makers of commercial videos should build an element of animation into their video-driven marketing exercises. This enables video makers to introduce an element of whimsy into marketing videos. Animation can be paired with on-screen text in a bid to focus viewers’ attention on specific parts of the commercial message. Animation can also introduce a wide palette of colors into sections of a commercial video. This adds to the visual excitement. Notably, product demos and product tutorials can benefit from the judicious use of animation. We note that this technique helps builders to achieve quality and authenticity of videos.

Attracting and retaining the attentions of online viewers is important for every video maker. This stems from the fact that commercial videos should “make sure viewers know in the first five to ten seconds exactly why they should keep watching.” A basic technique to retain audience attention is to deploy voice narratives in the opening sequence of a video. Another technique to hold the viewers’ attention is to build in top-notch instrumental music (gentle melody or a catchy beat) into the commercial video. This tactic attracts higher levels of attention because the viewer is sampling the sensory input in his or her mind while engaging with a commercial video message. These tactics help to sustain quality and authenticity of videos in the process of creating audio-visual commercial messages.

Developing appropriate content is an important part of the agenda to ensure the quality and authenticity of videos. Brands and businesses should consider different angles before they settle on the choice of content. This assertion stems from the fact that meaningful and relevant content will continue to attract sustained levels of audience interest. For instance, a manufacturer of kitchen appliances can enroll the services of a top chef in the creation of a marketing video. The chef can use the products of the video sponsor on the screen and interact with viewers. This interaction can help online audiences learn the finer points of cooking from the master chef. The video should spotlight the use of the kitchen appliances as the crux of the marketing message. We note that this video essentially mates cooking instruction with a product message that will resonate with viewers. This content-based technique helps brands to achieve quality and authenticity of videos.

In the preceding paragraphs, we have surveyed some techniques that help marketers to create enduring marketing video artifacts. Every commercial operator must invest in video marketing campaigns in a bid to reach wider segments of online audiences. Quality videos have the potential to broadcast outstanding brand messages that amplify the commercial outreach of a business operator. The expanding reach of the global Internet reinforces the importance of online video marketing campaigns. Competing visions of the marketing video are still emerging; this is attested to by the fact that a number of styles have established their mark in the open Internet. That said, we note that a clear brand message should remain the essence of the modern marketing video.

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