Ensuring your Marketing Videos Target the ‘Right’ Audience

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“90% of online video watchers are between the ages of 18 and 34. Adding video content to an online marketing strategy is an effective way to capture audience attention,” – TritonCommerce.com

Business and commerce rely on marketing devices to broadcast their presence and to hawk their wares in crowded markets. Posters, flyers, print advertisements, radio jingles, television ads, banners, and celebrity endorsements represent the traditional marketing techniques deployed by brands and businesses. In modern times, marketing videos have emerged as the preferred vehicle to communicate commercial messages. However, we note that the sponsors of marketing videos should ensure said video products are reaching the intended audiences. This targeting is crucial because it can spell the difference between generating adequate ROI on the video and missing the mark.

Video sharing websites attract enormous volumes of online attention in the present age. Therefore, brands and businesses should actively explore strategies that place marketing videos on prominent video sharing platforms. The comments and feedback section can yield a sample of popular feedback. We note that audience approval likely indicates that said videos have hit the mark and will result in higher conversions. In case of muted reactions, the sponsors need to create alternative strategies to target the intended audiences.

Modern marketers are advised to choose their audience through the use of keywords that are entered in online search engines. For instance, a section of consumers that searches for sports goods in online media can be served marketing videos that depict said merchandise. These consumers will likely be interested in these video products and may follow marketing messages thereby enhancing conversion rates. The sponsors of these videos will naturally benefit commercially from the attentions of these audiences. In such cases, we may state that the marketing videos have achieved a desirable ROI. We note that this tactic can be extended to any product or service and relevant marketing videos can be served to these audiences.

Content creation has emerged as one of the cornerstones of modern marketing communication. Therefore, marketers can frame relevant and useful content inside marketing videos in a bid to help or inspire their online audiences. For instance, a software brand owner can choose to build unique and helpful content into its marketing videos. We note that these video artefacts are instantly converted into instructional marketing content that resonates deeply with targeted audiences. Once customers are convinced that said videos add value to their work or play lives, they will likely follow future editions of these marketing videos. In addition, said consumers may elect to transact with said brand thereby generating tangible ROI for the business. That said, we note that these consumers may share these videos with their online communities thereby enlarging the outreach of these marketing videos and multiplying ROI.

Research indicates that a staggering 90% of consumers search online resources before arriving at a purchase decision. Brands and businesses can utilise this fact to position their marketing videos at online forums and customer resources such as blogs and review websites. For instance, a maker of branded apparel can elect to create and insert marketing videos into online customer discussion forums, the brand website and social media handles, and on video sharing websites. These video artefacts should be tagged with relevant keywords to enable online discovery and consumption by a wide swathe of audiences. We note that these actions can have significant cumulative effects and enable the brand to raise its brand profile in consumers’ minds. Additionally, said videos can inform and educate customers in a unique manner. The outcomes of these actions can help to boost brand awareness and boost customer conversions.

Sponsored posts on social media platforms can help to extend its influence through marketing videos. We must note that a majority of modern customers are active on multiple social media websites and therefore, sponsored posts represent a cost-efficient device to drive video viewing. A well-produced video artefact can significantly boost market traction for a brand. Additional momentum is created when online audiences share marketing videos with their friends and contacts on social media. Further, some members of the audience may choose to park these video artefacts on their home pages, thereby amplifying the reach of the marketing videos. The cumulative outcome of such actions can be significant for a video sponsor, thereby justifying the investment in such video products.

Creative marketers can work to re-invent the banner advertisement in the form of marketing videos that are prominently positioned in retail shopping destinations. We note that a looped video can attract attention from shoppers and visitors at shopping malls, cinema multiplexes, open-air theatres, and airports. For instance, a consumer products manufacturer can commission the production of interesting marketing videos for visual consumption at the aforesaid sites. We note that the broadcast will likely achieve heavy traction with visitors and shoppers, thereby boosting the commercial prospects of said manufacturer. Instant conversions can result when visitors relate the visual information to local shopping destinations, thereby enabling the marketing videos to hit the intended mark. In addition, we note that subsequent editions of these media artefacts can be displayed in similar locations with a view to attract customer attentions.

Product reviews are a fact of life for the modern consumer. A majority of consumers rely on peer-to-peer product reviews before they invest in a product or service. Brands and businesses can leverage this trend and commission the creation of marketing videos that include brief product reviews enacted by genuine customers. Tastefully produced videos with high production values and useful content can be created and circulated to users via email and social media handles. These videos should ideally spotlight product features and underline the many benefits that accrue to their users. Essentially, these marketing videos are designed to enable customers to arrive at an informed purchase decision. We note that these video artefacts can also be positioned on review websites because these online destinations attract volumes of online customer traffic.

Online microsites represent a useful technique of modern product marketing. These creations tend to attract focussed customer attention and therefore, should be equipped with marketing videos. Brands and businesses should work to ensure that sufficient online traffic arrives at these microsites with a view to enlarge the quantum of online exposure. Brand websites, social media handles, email newsletters, blogs, and customer forums are some of the devices that can equip a brand with the power to direct audiences to said microsites. For instance, a real estate developer can elect to create a microsite for a specific real estate project. The said entity can be loaded with marketing videos and other sales and marketing collateral in a bid to elicit the desired market reaction. Suitable offline devices can be harnessed to promote the said microsite, thereby enabling the developer to generate a sustained marketing ‘buzz’.

In the preceding paragraphs, we have explored some of the techniques that enable brands and businesses to target desired audiences with their marketing videos. Every brand must ensure that ad targeting is correct and meets the desired parameters. Once these conditions are fulfilled, brands are assured of a suitable return on investment in the form of enhanced sales and extended market traction. The said techniques can be refined and re-tooled in ample measure so that future marketing communications target even greater segments of the desired audiences.

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