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by | Dec 3, 2014 | Customer Service

“There are an infinite number of reasons to say no. Instead, try to focus on one good reason to say yes.”- Jarod Kintz

Customers are perhaps accustomed or hardwired to say no – and perhaps have an infinite number of reasons to. However, it is the skill of the customer service teams that will get customers to say yes more often than not. The secret actually is that customers do want what your company is offering – that is why they connected but the truth also is that to get customers to say yes, your company must connect with them in the way they want. They want to buy and be serviced, but in their own way, not when you are forcing them to say yes. It is challenging yet interesting since customers are the reason your company is around, so getting them to say yes means that your company must remember many things.

– There are all kinds of customers – that is the truth. What is also true is that not all are equal and it would be an impossible task to try and please all of them at all times or even on a single occasion. Customers are aware that every interaction cannot and will not be perfect but they do want uncompromisingly that every interaction has a human and customized approach. They want to know what your company is willing to do get customers to say yes to do business with you. They need to have the confidence that they would be treated right even after committing their business, during the business journey and even after the deal may end. To get customers to say yes, your company must never forget to build confidence and the feeling of easy operation.

– A good customer service person (direct agent or sales) will never settle for anything less than a yes from the customer. The aim is to get customers to say yes and so getting no as an answer will not satisfy a good customer service representative. Be persistent without being annoying or creepy. Having been honest and open in your previous dealings will ensure that the customer knows that saying yes will be beneficial to them. There is an interesting incident from one of my Indian friends – as a salesperson he was known to be diligent and persistent. However he was having trouble with one particular CEO of a leading brand. The brand’s tagline was: “You just can’t beat a XYZ (this being the name of the company and the last name of the CEO)”. This sales person called, emailed and fixed appointments on many different occasions with the same result. He could not meet this CEO. Not one to give up he sent this message: “You just can’t meet a XYZ”. He got his appointment the next day.

This message was not rude but just showed resilience and a desire to make his company’s product successful. It stood out from all the other messages that a host of other people left for the CEO and as a result caught his attention. All the effort he had made earlier and this message together made the impact he hoped it would have. The message struck the right chord because it was in line with the customer’s belief.

– Before trying to sell or forward your company’s products, ensure that you are an active listener. Go in to the conversation with the customer, whether it is a first time meeting or a repeat, with the aim of first listening. Giving your customer complete attention will allow you to form a connection and also present them with the most accurate solutions making it easier for customers to say yes. They know that what they are getting is the best and from whom they can consider an ally or friend.

– Since customer service sales staff has to often repeat the same information to many customers and sometimes in the same day, there is every possibility that towards the end of the day this person is tired and dejected. However it is vital that they remain upbeat and have an attitude that is positive. A tired, bored or robotic demeanour is enough to kill the deal.

– Enthusiasm is contagious – ensure that this is what you take with you to every customer interaction. Enthusiasm that is faked is easily discovered and shows in every aspect – tone of voice, body language, facial expressions. Customers would soon be able to determine faked enthusiasm and any hope of getting customers to say yes, will be obliterated.

– There is no substitute for hard work. It takes time and concerted effort to make another see your point of view. In this case it is the customer who you are expecting to invest money and time in your company. Why would the customer take the trouble if you don’t?

– Despite all the planning, skill and attitude your efforts in getting customers to say yes might still fail. Plan for failure to happen so that if and when it does, getting discouraged and giving up is the last thing on your mind! These minor setbacks must provide the fuel to try harder and achieve more. Also don’t rest on laurels – one success does not guarantee another just as one failure does not mean another. To avoid failing too often, ensure that you have a well-articulated plan with realistic goals to be achieved. Take small but sure steps to ensure that getting customers to say yes becomes easier with every interaction.

– Build your credibility as a company and the company’ representative. Build a network of strong business advocates by being extremely reliable. Such strong support will ensure that other business comes to you without even trying too hard. A satisfied customer’s word of mouth is known to have more weight than the best sales pitch. Continue to build your network by proving useful to your customers even beyond the scope and line of business. When they can perceive your ‘usefulness’ even beyond business they would be more than willing to recommend your service and products to others.

– Be likeable, presentable and amicable. A well-kempt and impeccably dressed company representative is likely to get more attention than one who is disheveled and badly dressed. The truth is if you were in the customer’s place, you would judge this way too. Also do some homework on some particular likes and traits of the customer you are meeting. Mirror those traits and echo the likings – half the battle would be done with in getting customers to say yes.

– Know the company, its history, the products and services thoroughly. With knowledge comes confidence – customers should be able to see you as someone with command rather than a blabbering mess. Become what is known as a SME or subject matter expert to command respect and have customers sit up and take notice.

– Attentive listening and prior information gathering will help you understand how the customer and the representative identify themselves. Position your company’s products to tie in with and reflect this identity. It will be easier for the customer to see the benefit of what you are selling.

– Use one happy customer’s referral to attract the attention of the next. Customers are more convinced when they see an endorsement from who they consider as peers. That is why social media comments are so valuable. People are learning from each other and happy customer comments are a great way to get new customers to say yes.

– Play your cards right. Position your product as exclusive and one time only and one that is for a limited period only. The fact is when something appears exclusive people want it more and before anyone else has it. Of course, the product must be exclusive and of high quality.

Customers would like to say yes however, they must be convinced that they are getting more value for the investment they are making. Every customer wants the best, with the lowest price and the highest quality of customer service. They should be able to perceive added value and a great customer service person will get customers to say yes by showing them this added value.

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