Getting Repeat Business from Customers

“Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your product or service, and that bring friends with them.” – W Edwards Deming

In today’s business environment everything seems to have become tougher, however, the one of the biggest challenge today for companies is probably retaining customers and getting repeat business from them. Even though selling to existing customers is a lot easier than selling to a new customer, it still is hard, especially given the myriad choices customers now have. It is therefore, imperative for companies to display integrity and gain the trust of its customers, in order for them to buy continually and recommend the company to others. When people become customers, they would probably have some amount of trust with regard to a company and its offerings. They, after all, parted with their money and made the effort to select a company from amongst the many that are around. A company would have given them their money’s worth, and lived up to all the promises it made, making them happy with the interactions and perhaps leading customers to think that they would buy again.

Getting repeat business from customers is not something that happens automatically. Companies constantly strive to attract new customers, land bigger accounts, and make fresh sales, and in doing so often forget about paying constant attention to the existing customers. The fact is that neglecting customers who have already placed trust in your company is a major blunder – these customers, irrespective of how much business they may give, are essential to keep a business running successfully. It is therefore, imperative for a company to keep its existing customers happy, and ensure constant follow-up as to their moods and feelings about the company, its service, and offerings. This is an important step towards getting repeat business from customers – it shows that a company cares and is genuinely interested in them and their evolving needs. Is your company getting repeat business from customers or do you never hear from them post a single transaction? What can be done to ensure that a customer who buys once will continually do so for a very long time?

We know that most transactions between customers and companies today are digital, which in turn has made them robotic and impersonal. However, according to research, customers miss and yearn for, the human touch – for personalized interactions that make them feel special. Personalization is among the top priorities for customers today, and it would be prudent for companies to get as close to customers as possible, strive to form bonds and emotional connections. Doing so is a sure-shot way to get customers to notice a company not just for a single interaction, but also for a very long time, leading to some highly beneficial results for the company.

In a previous exposition, we highlighted the fact of short customer attention span. This is one of the top challenges that companies face today, and unless they remain ‘present and available’ for customers at times that are convenient to customers, companies would be unable to retain them. It may seem rather pompous for a company to do things constantly that would keep the interest of customers, but it is necessary to let customers know that your company is doing well, and is always ready to serve them. Let customers know of new products, which they might love to have or send them information of events or their industry that could prove useful to them. Whatever you do – stay in the forefront – remain in their mind.

We have spoken about the fact that the best kind of service a company can provide is the proactive kind. Hence, once customers have a bought a product or a solution, it would be necessary for a company to check back with them on whether the product lived up to their expectations, whether there is anything they would need from the company, and other such questions that would make them feel cared for. When a company is able to demonstrate such behaviours consistently, getting repeat business from customers would not be too hard to gain – in fact, by making them feel special a company could pretty much guarantee the next sale.

Companies, especially in the service industry must constantly strive to provide able support to their customers, since even one poor experience is usually enough to turn customers against them. Not only do customers leave, they would also spread negativity, which would prevent a large amount of prospective business from ‘converting’ in a company’s favor. It would be necessary therefore, to remain good consistently in the realm of customer service, and offering packages and services that would delight customers. One of the most basic methods of getting repeat business from customers is by offering pack deals. This will ensure that customers remain with a company at least for the duration of the package, which is usually enough time for a company to bowl them over with top class customer service. Even if the package deal runs out, these customers are sure to come back because of the high quality of service the company would have given them.

As mentioned, customers are extremely busy with several things, and it would be easy for them to forget appointments, renewals, payment dates, and other such recurring matters. For getting repeat business from customers, it would be prudent for a company to make it extremely convenient and easy for customers to engage in business. Customers seek companies that would make their lives simpler and contribute to the success of their business, hence companies that can do so consistently and successfully, would be the favoured ones. Customers must not need to expend more effort and time than necessary to get what they need from a company. It should be the onus of companies to offer more than what customers expect – most companies would give customers what they pay for, but for getting repeat business from customers, delighting them with more and beyond what they expect is what companies should strive for. In today’s overcrowded business space, it is necessary to do whatever possible to stand out and appear distinctive – sure shot way for getting repeat business from customers, along with top class referrals.

The market today is flooded with products and services that are similar, giving customers a much wider choice than ever. For getting repeat business from customers, and ensuring that they do not consider any other company’s products and brand, companies need to stress the benefits and value that customers would get from using the products and associating with them. Customers seek speed, efficiency, personalization, and customization today – hence, things like fast and free shipping of products, credit points of every purchase, incentives, easy payment options, and others – would ensure that customers get what they want. Anyone today can come up with a product similar to others in the market – what would distinguish a good company from a great one would be value-added services and an emotional connection, which the company must make every effort to create and sustain.

Most often customers may not be aware of the extra and value-added things a company may be doing for them, and hence would not attach too much importance to the association. It is necessary for a company to let customers know what it does to make the association extremely easy, beneficial, and happy for the customers. Getting repeat business from customers would not be that hard when they can definitely perceive benefits, feel genuinely cared for, and get whatever they need and want in the fastest and most efficient manner.


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