March Authoring Madness Award (MAMA) Winners

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The team at Yonyx is proud to share some exciting news with you! Hundreds of Authors at organizations across multiple continents participated in the recently concluded March Authoring Madness Awards (MAMA). The Authors who participated spent countless hours working towards their organization goals & objectives while being part of this amazing contest.

Meet the top three winners below:

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Matt Keeling, Monitoring Analyst at OPTIfarm

March Authoring Activity:  14,464

Winner of 1st Prize


About OPTIfarm and How we use Yonyx

OPTIfarm is a precision support and optimization service for poultry farmers worldwide. Our system is a globally unique service completely different from anything else available to supply chains. We have developed groundbreaking technology that creates the optimum conditions for broiler chickens with 24/7 remote, real-time monitoring. Our clients around the globe know their livestock is in safe hands.


Yonyx is a key tool for OPTIfarm to providing this service.  I work closely with a highly skilled, award winning Technical Team with decades of experience to create guides containing best practice and quality advice in all farming situations.  The highly knowledgeable team that monitor and support farms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week then use Yonyx for guidance ensuring the best outcome for our clients.  This allows the OPTIfarm Team to provide real-time recommendations which maximizes productivity and profit for all our customers.

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About Yonyx Release 9.0

We at OPTIfarm have used Yonyx for over a year now and in that time we’ve built up guides containing a huge amount of knowledge and data.  The new version 9.0 then took this to a whole new level.  It gave us the opportunity to streamline our guides taking out any  duplication and at the same time adding more detail which is now even easier to navigate.

The Placeholder and Auto-Traverse options were game changers.  Using these allowed us to create more content that was easier for the Team to use and much easier for the authors to build.  Using the Placeholders for templated text is a huge advantage.  This allows us to update generic text that is on hundreds of slides in a matter of minutes.  Also, a combination of Placeholders and Auto-Traverse has now been used to automate parts of our guide.  It’s early days yet, I’m sure I will be able to get a whole lot more out of these fantastic features.


About Myself:

When I’m not authoring Yonyx guides and looking after the welfare of chickens I’m generally either preparing or consuming food and drink with friends.
I’m a keen cook but I have taken the drink part further.  Together with a close friend we have converted a small barn in Leicestershire where I live into a brewery.  We make all sorts of craft ales that we distribute to all of our friends.  Makes us very popular! 

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Kenneth Volk Jr., Technical Writer at Interface Security

March Authoring Activity: 3,467

Winner of 2nd Prize


About Interface Security and How we use Yonyx

Interface Security Systems is a leading managed services provider delivering managed network, asset protection, and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises. We streamline operations, improve security, reduce IT costs, and enhance the customer experience for successful brands.


Interface’s Tier 1 Level 1 Help Desk Agents and Field Engineers utilize Yonyx to perform proven diagnostic techniques to quickly resolve network and voice impacting events, keeping our customers securely online.

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About My Role & Yonyx Release 9.0

I have been writing for Interface since 2005. I was made Employee of the Year 2005 for my writing work.  In 2012, I was promoted to Technical Writer and placed on a Process Improvement team.  I began using Yonyx in 2015. I am now, the go-to person at Interface for Yonyx. I have spent over 1,600 hours authoring guides in Yonyx. I have an Associates Degree in Graphic Communications and Design. To quote Jim Little, our Trainer “Ken takes outlines and turns them into beautiful Yonyx guides.”


My serious take away is that I enjoy working with the 9.0 release. Even though I sometimes feel it takes me longer to do some tasks, I can see how it would benefit everyone. I like the way the edit/map view displays the guides. I like the flow of the navigation view with the new guides I am building in the 9.0 release. I like the responsiveness and openness of the Yonyx team to making adjustments and fixes. The Yonyx team is always willing to offer solutions and training. I like the performance of opening maps and being able to start from a specific node.  


My life & hobbies

My hobbies include writing for myself, communicating with likeminded individuals, and reading books on strategy, organization, literature, and problem solving. The literature I read the most involves fantasy and science fiction. I enjoy games of all types with my family and friends. I am also an avid teacher of life and other things to my twin daughters Ally and Abby. Lastly, I am in love with my best friend and beautiful wife Ann.

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Camille Bauchat, Innovation Manager, Spareka

March Authoring Activity: 1,663

Winner of 3rd Prize


About Spareka and How we use Yonyx

Spareka teaches consumers how to repair household appliances themselves. From diagnosing the breakdown to helping choose the right spare part for repair, Spareka helps French households significantly reduce the costs associated with maintaining home appliances.

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Spareka uses Yonyx to provide its customers an interactive self service option to troubleshoot and diagnose issues with their household appliances. 

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About My Role & Yonyx Release 9.0

Every day, I create and update online guides on Yonyx platform to help customers fix problems with various appliances. I really appreciate the ease of use of Yonyx Platform.

The new update of Yonyx platform (Release 9.0) is very good for me especially the performance of expanding the guide. I can now expand an entire guide in one or two seconds instead of having to wait minutes. Furthermore, Release 9.0 has taken the ease of use for Authors, to a whole new level.

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My life & hobbies

During my free time I enjoy mountain climbing with my friends and spending time with my family.

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Develop interactive decision trees for troubleshooting, cold calling scripts, medical appointments, or process automation. Enhance sales performance and customer retention across your call centers. Lower costs with customer self-service.

Interactive Decision Tree