Mobile Friendly Feedback Surveys

“The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing”. – John Russell

The world seems to be whizzing along – faster than before. No one likes to or has the time to wait, even for short periods. Customers especially want what they want almost immediately and would much rather they had everything they need, accessible to them on their smart mobile devices. Not surprisingly then this also means that if companies want their customers to provide feedback, they should make mobile friendly feedback surveys. They would much rather take the survey at their own convenience, on-the-go if necessary. Also they expect that these mobile friendly feedback surveys actually cut down on the time they would spend completing them by being simple, not confusing and easy to negotiate. Irrespective of the size of your company, if you want to stay around for a long time, it is your responsibility to cater to the ‘on-line’ and mobile service desire of your customers. With so much competition no one can afford to ignore even the smallest detail in the larger customer service gamut.  If you want to provide your customers with personalized service and products, you must know what they want first. The best way to do that is to ask them. Mobile friendly feedback surveys makes it easier for them to make the time to respond and provide clear answers that will help your company.

With nearly everyone performing a host of transactions – buying, socializing and conducting business – through their smart mobile devices, it just seems to flow logically that running surveys on mobile devices should be possible too. In this world of unbroken connectivity and fast pace of online transactions mobile friendly feedback surveys are a great way to not just gain insightful information from your customers but also for customers to understand what your company is willing to provide and the level of commitment you have to keep the relationship strong and sustained. Reports indicate that impatience gets the better of at least 61% of people and they will much rather move to another seemingly quicker site – for companies this means that they are pushing a substantial portion of their business to someone else. Around 67% people are more inclined to buy online from sites that allow easy navigation and so it makes business sense to give the customers what they want ‘in the palm of their hand’ – mobile friendly feedback surveys included.

The reason people are constantly investing in smart mobile devices is so that they can be connected at any time with anyone in any part of the world. Mobile friendly feedback surveys allow customers to provide their feedback even while traveling or in a break from their busy schedules. When customers receive such feedback requests and can provide their opinions and thoughts via the mobile the impression they get is that the company is making every effort to remain connected and are committed to reducing effort for the customer even while asking for suggestions to better their service and products. This affects the level of customer satisfaction and engagement in a positive manner. Customers are more likely to comply with relevant answers when they perceive the convenience and reduced effort. This opens huge business possibilities for companies providing this benefit. Imagine what your customer would think of you if they can complete this survey while standing in a queue somewhere, or while waiting their turn at a doctor or even while having a meal in solitude. You are sure getting some added ‘brownie points’!

From a data perspective there are some clear advantages of creating mobile friendly feedback surveys.

  • As a customer you know all too well how laborious completing feedback surveys can be. Very often the cumbersomeness of the process not only delays responses, some customers would much rather not respond. Mobile friendly feedback surveys improve the rate and quality of the responses. With the smart use of yes or no responses, multiple-choice questions, questions that require a rating as a response to a few open-ended questions, customers actually take the time to respond. These mobile versions allow customers to log in to the surveys even through their social media sites, which means they can later also share their responses with their friends and associates.  Get your customers enticed by adding a line like “Complete the survey and get a special incentive” before the start of the survey.
  • Keep your customers engaged and excited about these opinion polls via the mobile phone. Make it fun for them by offering regular promotions or a free breakfast at their favourite joint. Doing so not only keeps customers interested they also realize that your company has taken the trouble to know some added information about them that is important to them. This increases customer interaction and creates loyalty over time.
  • The advantage of mobile friendly feedback surveys is that they can be used to get feedback instantly. Your company could be launching a new product or running some promotional event, sending out an instant survey to customers on their mobile devices will help your company to get instant reactions and feedback from customers
  • Getting feedback from customers does not necessarily mean that it should be current customers only. You could work towards improving your service and products by sending out the mobile friendly feedback survey to past customers too. A polite request soliciting their help to make improvements often does not go unheeded and such feedback will prove invaluable to not only get better but would also give you an idea as to what you can do to get a former customer to become a current one.
  • To make these mobile friendly feedback surveys effective for your company, do some research and evaluate the kinds of questions that customers are comfortable responding to and which kinds of surveys elicit the maximum responses.
  • Even with mobile surveys, remember that although easily accessed customers still remain unwilling to spend more than a certain amount of time. Keep these surveys short – a maximum of 10 questions should get you the number and quality of responses you want. Sending an assault of questions will ensure that they don’t respond to the mobile survey or any survey you send in the future. Apply the KISS principle. Short surveys with simple questions – so opt for multiple choice questions rather than questions that would require long winded answers.
  • Spread the word about an upcoming survey. Use your website, social media sites, via email, text messages or any other communication you may have with your customers. This prepares their mind and makes them more amenable to answer the survey when it actually gets to them.
  • Remember that the design of your survey should be such that it looks presentable and inviting on any size of screen. It should be adjustable. So if a customer would like to take the mobile friendly feedback survey on a large screen desktop, the survey design should adjust to that size too.
  • The feedback survey meant for the mobile phone must also be responsive and ‘friendly’ across all and any operating systems. This allows customers to answer the survey from any possible medium.
  • Ensure that your customer service personnel are able to view the responses clearly even if they are viewing them on mobile phones. The convenience of your employees is just as important. They are the ones who ultimately need to use this data and also collate it in a ‘publishing’ friendly format
  • Post the responses on the survey ensure that you let the respondents know the results of the survey and also add some pointers as to what you plan to do with the feedback received. Don’t forget to thank all those who spent time responding to your survey.

People use their mobile devices practically throughout the day. It is the one instrument that they always carry around and hence for companies to keep pace with their customers, they must communicate with them in the way that customers deem convenient. Invest time and resources in creating mobile friendly feedback surveys and learn a lot from your customers through the valuable suggestions they provide because you are making it easy for them to respond.

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