Personalizing the Digital Customer Experience

Everyone likes to shop, whether they admit it or not. It is a pleasurable way to spend time and with technology making rapid advances, people can shop both online and in-store and also use their smart devices to shop on the go. Shoppers who are able to get great deals and discounts feel a sense that is comparable to euphoria. When a person desires to shop, there is no distinction between want and need – everything becomes a need and they would do anything to satiate that need. Personalizing the digital customer experience in the current scenario seems like an even better business proposition than before.

Irrespective of the business you run, a large portion of your customers are almost always accessing information and are constantly connected with the advanced technology and a host of other vital information. These digitally connected customers literally have power in the palm of their hands making them smarter, technologically sound and way better informed. Personalizing the digital customer experience makes sense for businesses since with such easy access to information, customers have begun to expect and demand more. They want more innovation, better products, higher levels of customer service and buying experiences that are delightful each time. As customers they have the right to expect this and anyone would – given a chance. Companies that have mastered the art of personalizing the digital customer experience will have a great and significant advantage over their ‘adversaries’.

Personalizing the digital customer experience will be the future in the age of smart technology and customers. Customers are looking beyond umbrella service and have a keen eye for those companies that recognize the importance of personalizing the digital customer experience. They want to be able to choose what they buy, from whom they buy and those choices are based on the kind of customer service and experience they receive. Is it personalized and tailored or a ‘one size fits all’ approach? It is an ongoing challenge that companies have to keep pace with and are constantly seeking to adapt fresh tactics to keep it ‘personal and customized. On the flip side, companies can use this frenzy to their advantage by using clever ideas to keep customers ‘logged in’.

– Put forward many bargains, products and price ranges. The customer will need to wade through this sea of options and would land up not only buying what they initially wanted, but a lot more.

– Creating a shortage of a ‘highly sought after’ item with a message to buy before it runs out, will have customers scurrying to make purchases ‘now’.

– Offering sales, bonuses, incentive schemes, get something free on the purchase of something else, buy one get one free deals and the likes – has customers flocking to buy.

– Market products to create value for the customer. Products that have the ability to do away with a feature a customer hates – like yellowing teeth or foot odor – your product will be the cure.

– Playing with price tags and pricing – product worth is enhanced by creating excitement over pricing.

Companies that have detailed customer profiles are able to create more impactful promotions and launches that would target the customer profiles and is a sure shot way towards personalizing the digital customer experience. Companies that invest in software and technology that allows easier collection and sorting of customer data would be able to reap the benefits of this data to produce online marketing schemes and deals that work and are also customized. There is no denying that it is now the time where customer is and will remain ‘boss’ and personalizing the digital customer experience will have good and desired results for companies. The personalization will serve as a bonding between companies and customers and also form high impact connections in the minds of the customers associating a certain product to one particular company, even if others are producing it. Personalizing the digital customer experience is a powerful tool that has the capacity to make an indelible emotional connect between your company and the customer and a company that masters this art, will have immense power and clout.

For companies to give customers whatever they want, as they want, when they want must also ensure that apart from personalizing the digital customer experience, the customer experience must remain constant and memorable through each touch-point. Such consistency will compel customers to remain with you for a long time. Companies must develop some ‘habits’ and processes if they are to ensure consistency in the personalized customer experience.

– Companies must constantly innovate and evolve. Using new ideas, resolving issues faster and keeping the customers at the center of all these innovations will make it easier to inspire trust in the customer. Being convinced of your products and ideas will help the leaders in the company to inspire confidence in the staff and other stakeholders as well. Everyone connected with the company and its brands must share the vision and ideas for innovation and work towards personalizing the digital customer experience.

– Interacting with customers now ceases to remain a single or dual channel game. It is now about integrating every customer experience over the myriad channels available and ensuring that the personalized touch and message permeates all channels. Customers must be able to connect with your company via any channel knowing that the experience will be at the same high quality level. Provide the customer with a holistic experience that is more than worth their while.

– Companies that have a hold on customer data, past trends and current trends will be better positioned to predict future trends, making it easier to be creative and innovative. When customers can perceive that the company is not afraid to try new things and these are in line with possible customer needs, customers tend to appreciate such companies more. Use the power of this information to forge ahead and possibly give the customer what they never even thought they wanted or could have. This is personalizing customer experience at its best!

– Before personalizing the digital customer experience, it is important for companies to dwell on whether the new product and or service is in line with what the customer wants and what value is being added. Also whether the marketing strategy aligns with the value of the offering. Keep the customer engaged and informed to create and build interest in a yet to be launched offering.

– Personalizing the digital customer experience requires companies to map out the customer’s journey currently or the one to be. Understand properly who the customer is and what you can offer as a whole and at each touch point.

– Ensure that demographics are kept in mind while creating a personalized strategy. Keeping in mind the customer’s origin, taste, ethnicity, religion, sex and such will ensure that the content and marketing is personalized and appropriate.

– Ensure that you keep your customers thinking about your company by offering mobility. Have easily downloadable applications for the smart devices, so that they are able to remain connected with your offerings wherever they are and whenever they want.

– Customers that can afford high end products and devices are certainly not looking for run of the mill products or experiences. Give them a sense of being exclusive – the brand strategy must evoke an experience that is unique, customized and ‘only for you’. This not only enhances the value of your offering but also creates the desired euphoria in the mind of such customers.

Personalizing the digital customer experience is about creating an experience that is differentiated and unique for the customer being approached. Customer needs and wants are ever-changing and the expectation is that companies will keep up with them. Those who can will succeed and those who cannot will find themselves being relegated in to oblivion. Personalizing the digital customer experience must be handled so deftly and smartly that customers cannot even imagine switching over to anyone else in the near or even distant future.

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