Using Flowchart Steps to Create Captivating Brand Videos

“Video marketing is, without a doubt, one of the biggest reasons I’ve been able to create a multiple six-figure business online.” – Katie Freiling

Moving images, though a recent invention, have captured the world’s imagination in the last few decades. Such images, also known as video, have gained enormous traction and now power television debates and commercials, in-app advertisements, customer interviews, influencer-driven commercial messaging, digital streaming platforms, publicity campaigns driven by digital social media, etc. The video format has also emerged as the central idea that animates the concept of captivating brand videos; commercial operators leverage these when they market goods and services to ever-wider segments of users, buyers, and consumers. Indeed, some observers note, “The modern customer wants to see the product in action. Video marketing can capture a wide audience, and it works on many levels. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for every brand and company to use video to its fullest potential.” Such assertions are borne by research, which indicates that roughly 87% of businesses in the United States now use video as part of their marketing repertoire. Refined and stylized brand videos also gain endorsement among wide swathes of modern consumers, who testify that brand videos remain instrumental in convincing them to buy products, services, software applications, and mobile apps.

Human emotion plays a key role in the processes of ideating, devising, and executing captivating brand videos. Marketing gurus term such strategies as emotional branding, because these create connections that empower sponsor brands to generate higher return on investment and boost the levels of audience engagement. For instance, a manufacturer of aerated beverages and fizzy sodas could invest in captivating brand videos that encourage consumers of the product to share happy memories and experiences. When unfurled in electronic and digital media, such brand videos help create powerful connections in the minds of viewers. The outcomes include high levels of a brand’s resonance in the minds of modern consumers and impressive sales graphs of the advertised product. A flowchart devised for creating such videos could hinge on the various aspects of emotional appeal, positive sentiments, specific facets of focused brand messaging, upbeat imagery, appropriate dialogues and soundtracks, etc. These elements, when wrought into a modern brand promotional message, help generate captivating brand videos.

A brand’s authenticity must reflect on the content and tenor of its video productions. This is important from the perspective of creating captivating brand videos that enable consumers to relate to the brand message. For instance, the operators of an online recruitment service could develop brand videos that emphasize the stages of the modern employee hiring process, imagery of potential employees negotiating with possible employers, the tensions associated with the selection of successful applicants, the large number of hiring agencies that tap the services of said recruitment service, the different aspects of an ideal work-life balance, the work environments at the offices of top technology firms, etc. Each of these elements can find positions inside a flowchart illustration, thereby powering diverse editions of captivating brand videos. Video producers and creative services professionals must join forces in a bid to develop the best storyboard ideas prior to embarking on video production processes.

Subtle elements of instruction can comprise key parts of modern captivating brand videos. Brand strategists can devise these videos to instruct viewers in the use of a certain product, for instance, a new lawn mower. A taut soundtrack can accompany brief commentary that guides the attention of viewers of such productions. Meanwhile, an on-screen persona (or the occasional use of graphics) can educate viewers on the correct process of deploying the land mower during assigned tasks. The brand video can be appended to the website of the manufacturer in a bid to gain traction among website visitors. Similarly, the video can find a presence on the social media handles of the manufacturer. The designers of the brand’s communications strategy can create a flowchart as part of attempts to connect with viewers at different levels; subsequently, the illustration could help the sponsor expand the impact of branded videos and broadcast it to new audiences.

Influencer-led marketing strategies can represent the beating heart of a series of captivating brand videos designed to promote footwear, for instance. Each of these productions can hinge on a specific influencer and a narrative about the attributes of the products marketed by the sponsor brand. The visual narrative, when spliced with footage of famous athletic feats of endurance and stamina, helps build context for the video. In addition, the influencers could speak on specific acts or athletic routines built around the regular use of the sponsored products. Further, the on-screen influencer could spotlight user feedback received by the brand on social media handles. A flowchart can help position these various aspects of captivating brand videos and help producers create multiple editions of marketing videos. The illustration could also spotlight certain cause-and-effect scenarios that could inject additional levels of creativity into the video production process.

The duration of branded videos remains closely tied with crucial metrics such as online viewership. This binary can emerge as the central theme in flowcharts that seek to outline the essence of captivating brand videos in specific contexts. For instance, a contemporary fashion brand could set an objective of creating 30-second marketing videos as part of publicity campaigns that promote new lines of summer wear. The key inputs could include edgy visuals, an exotic locale, sunny vibes, soundtracks that resonate with viewers’ tastes, fast editing cuts, new angles that feature flagship items of summer wear, etc. All these elements, when compressed inside a 30-second span, could help create a definitive impact on the minds of viewers and audiences. Flowcharts can help guide such artistic creations for brand promotion in markets populated with an infinite variety of similar brands. In addition, such illustrations could help creative professionals to explore the act of video creation from multiple angles; the subsequent outcomes could position the sponsor brand in pole position, thereby boosting sales and revenues.

Brand strategists can choose to blend a variety of technical and creative inputs to output final products that represent captivating brand videos. Such an enterprise can find gainful support in flowchart illustrations that can serve as effective blueprints for plotting the development of video-led branding campaigns. The sheer flexibility afforded to ideators and designers makes the modern flowchart the chosen test bed for ideas and brainstorming sessions. These diagrams can be the midwives to radical marketing ideas that can generate high levels of marketing horsepower for sponsor brands. In addition, flowcharts could assist sponsor brands find the correct balance between an overbearing brand presence and intelligent positioning inside branded videos.

Creative professionals and video producers must converse with brand developers and proprietors in a bid to extract the essence represented by a brand. Thus, an athletic footwear brand may seek to project a youthful spirit, while a modern broadcast television brand could choose to spotlight specific areas of coverage in domains as diverse as politics, sports, and current affairs, among others. Further to the above, brands can choose to build affinity and loyalty with audiences by enlisting cutting-edge technologies (such as elements of virtual reality) to embellish their brand videos. Such techniques can help businesses create outstanding brand videos that will resonate in the minds of audiences for years in the future.

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