Ways to Inspire Passion in Customers

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.” – T D Jakes

As per the quotation above, it is clear that each person within a company must be driven by the same goals and be passionate about achieving them. When there is passion internally, inspiring passion in customers would be ‘child’s play’. Passion must touch every aspect of a company’s business and every person in every department must exhibit it in their assigned roles and jobs. Companies must understand the value of empowering its employees, and taking care of them. Employees must be made to feel valued and important – they must know how their job affects the company as a whole and the effect it has on the overall success of the company.

The reality of inspiring passion in customers is that unless passion spreads through from the inside of a company, it would never happen. In a new company, everyone seems ‘high’ with fervour and hope – everyone is gung-ho in the belief that they can ‘make it happen’. However, with time, growth challenges, and crisis, passion becomes difficult to sustain. Which is why, passion must become habit and the ‘air that everyone breathes’ in the company, for it to reflect outward. It is this one trait that keeps employees energized and ‘raring to go’, which in turn wows customers owing to the service they receive and the attention they get. When a company is able to inspire passion in customers, their engagement with the brand increases and makes them raving fans and brand advocates a lot sooner in the relationship.

The norm in any business is that if customers are still around, they possibly like or even love the company and its offerings. Unfortunately however, this is not what will get them to ‘beat the drum’ about your company to others. It is only when a company is able to inspire passion in customers that they would enthusiastically spread the news about the company, go the extra mile to ensure that many people become customers, promote the ‘excellence of service and products’ through their personal social and business networks. Igniting passion in customers for your company may not be easy, but it sure can happen and when it does, the benefits are humongous. By investing resources in its customer relationships, a company can set the ball rolling for gaining a large number of brand advocates. Does your company have any ‘tricks’ to inspire passion in customers?

One of most vital things for a company-customer relationship is the sharing of information. True that there is a sea of information available on the internet, but it is the sheer size and quantity of that data which proves to be overwhelming. By drawing out relevant and interesting information, a company can provide it to customers who need it, making this a value-added service for customers. Engaging and easy to understand information makes it simpler for customers to learn about the industry, your company, and a lot more. Given that customers may always be hard pressed for time, such concise and ready to use information is something of high value – especially if they can access it from anywhere and from any smart device they use.  The content and messages that a company sends out must seem relevant and customized and be something that customers want more of and therefore wait in anticipation for the next bit. Raising interest and engagement, is a great way to inspire passion in customers for a long time.

As mentioned, it is employees that interact with customers – energetic and passionate employees can fuel the same feelings in their customers. They would be able to attract customers with their energy and would be living examples of the values and culture of the company. Customer interactions become more lively and fun, which in turn translates to repeat business from customers, who would be happy to tell others to partake of this ‘fun’ with the company. Smiling and happy employees find it easier to provide solutions, calm irate customers, influence them to listen, and eventually buy more. As customers begin to feel the positivity and energy, they are more likely to feel engaged and passionate about the company and even be more responsible for its success.

Engaged customers are more likely to trust and depend more on a company. To inspire passion in customers, a company must conduct business with them in a truly personalized manner. What this means is that it must see the business from the customer’s point of view and respond to situations keeping the customer’s personality and needs in mind. It is human nature to like and trust people who seem more like oneself – the same applies to customer-company relationships. As a customer, you too would lean towards a company or product that seems to ‘know you’ and seem designed to suit your specific need. Is it any wonder then that brands become insanely popular with customers? They are appealing and bring that ‘something special’ to each individual customer, inspiring passion and a desire to have more of the products.

We know that the competition has increased significantly and the number of similar products and services abound. However, there are still some brands that stand out and shine tremendously. This is so, because they offer something special and unique, and work hard to create bonds and strong relationships with their customers. These brands know how to highlight their uniqueness, while addressing the specific needs and expectations of their customers – this becomes their USP. They genuinely care about and are empathetic to their customers – care and concern is not restricted to the ‘customer service teams’ but are reflected in every aspect of the company and through every employee. It is no surprise then that such brands find it easier to inspire passion in customers, to the point that they would refuse to leave and would even be willing to pay a slight premium for the products, just to remain associated with the brand.

The other aspect of a brand that draws customers closer is its ability to proactively know their needs and provide for them at short notice. This is possible for a company to do when they are consistent in their efforts to understand their customers, monitor their behaviour and buying habits, and keep a check on the information and data customers provide or leave on various online channels. Not only would your company gain invaluable information about customers, it would also be able to use the information to serve up speedy and efficient responses and solutions – sure way to bring and keep a smile on your customers faces. Is there a better way to inspire passion in customers than to keep them smiling and happy with your company and its offerings?

The simple fact is that a company that has the ability to form bonds and strengthen those bonds with their customers would be better poised to grow and remain successful. The idea behind inspiring passion in customers is to gain success for your company through listening skills, engaging communication, networking through a variety of channels, providing innovative products, and competitive prices and all this backed by top class service. Does your company have what it takes to inspire and sustain passion in customers?

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