Ways to Keep Customers Comfortable

“Find out what the customer wants and then make it better.” – Frank Perdue

We know that customers like doing business with companies that they like and can trust. These feelings happen when companies do everything they can to keep customers comfortable – this applies to both the online and ‘real world’ businesses. Companies that are able to anticipate and understand the need for comfort of customers, will be the ones that earn the attention and business of customers, and over time build a loyal customer base. Customers base their buying decisions on how they feel about a company, and how well the company is able to understand their emotions and moods. Keeping customers at ease makes them trust a company, which reduces a number of obstacles and apprehensions that customers may have when starting a new business relationship. It is the responsibility of a company keep customers comfortable, and consistently find ways to ensure that this level of comfort is strengthened on an on-going basis.

We know that among the top priorities for customers, high quality service rules. In order to keep customers comfortable, every conversation and interaction must be about them. The company must highlight its customer focus, and emphasize on things it has done and can do to keep customers happy and satisfied. Not every ‘conversation’ with customers must be sales related – most such dialogues must revolve around what customers want, their needs, and expectations. This is what will show them you care and keep customers comfortable. As mentioned, the relationship with customers would not be sustainable if companies do not first seek to create and build a rapport. Engaging customers is about being a company that acts as a guide, a support, and an advisor – not just one that is interested in pushing products and services at customers in a bid to sell. By showing a genuine and unwavering interest in customers as people (rather than numbers), a company would keep customers comfortable enough not just to buy once, but repeatedly.

Many companies make the crucial mistake of forgetting their existing customers, in their rush to attract more business. Existing customers must be cared for since they are the ones who would have already shown faith in the company and its products. To keep customers comfortable – the existing ones – ensure that their issues are given the highest priority and they are served with top class service. While high quality products in competitive prices are important too, customers do not stay with a company that does not address their problems and issues promptly and effectively. In order to keep customers comfortable, a company must ensure that the customer service employees are well trained, knowledgeable, and courteous. It must be easy for customers to connect with the company, and each customer must be shown the same amount of respect and importance.

The easiest way to understand and keep customers comfortable is by active listening to them. Most companies do not spend enough time talking and listening to their customers, and as a result miss vital cues and clues that would help them serve customers better. People leave all kinds of data and information on their social media sites and even while shopping online. It is the onus of companies to collect and collate this data only with the purpose of helping customers and providing customized solutions. The better a company seems to have understood their customers and their needs, the easier it would be for customers to trust and remain with the company for long.

There is no doubt that every commodity has become more expensive than before. Resources are limited for all, and therefore in order to keep customers comfortable, a company must price their products and services at the most competitive rates, with discounts and guarantees where possible. Ensure that your company has a robust return policy as well – this will keep customers comfortable in the knowledge that your company is confident enough about the quality of its service and offerings, and is therefore willing to stand by them. Such confidence on the part of the company serves to keep customers comfortable, and makes them feel confident in their association with the company.

Customers buy and form associations with companies to satisfy certain needs and solve some problems. It is important for companies to understand these needs and problems, such that they can present the most appropriate solutions and show customers the benefit of associating with the company. Very often, despite a need, customers may hesitate to buy since they may not be sure of the efficacy of a product or the dependability of the company. Companies must anticipate such apprehensions and gauge the hesitation, in order to offer free trials of their products, and even money back guarantees in the unlikely situation that customers do not find the offerings meeting their needs. This way the customers would be comfortable on two counts – one, they would get to ‘experience’ the offerings without any expense immediately, and two, they would be reassured that they would get their money back if the product does not turn out to be what they expected.

Some companies have ‘cracked the code’ on how to keep customers comfortable. Customers yearn for the human touch and personalized relationships even when doing business. Companies that work towards forging such relationships with their customers, would find that their customers would trust them with their problems and concerns that may be outside the realm of the business association. When customers can perceive actual care, they would not only return with more business, but also share their positive experiences with others and encourage them to associate with the company.

To keep customers comfortable ensure that it is easy for them to gain information, provide feedback, and receive responses to their queries. Ensure that all contact information is readily available and displayed promptly on the company’s website, social sites, stores, and office buildings. By providing contact information of several different channels of communication, customers feel at ease knowing the company is a reputed one and cares enough to provide customers with several different channels to connect. The idea is to show customers, in every way possible that their needs are important to the company, and that the company is committed to making it easier for customers to express those needs through any channel they choose. The easier and more convenient it is for customers to connect with a company, the more convinced customers would be of the company’s commitment and dedication towards them.

As the number of happy customers grows, companies must request for testimonials from their customers. These testimonials provide social and solid proof that the claims made by the company are truthful and honest. Companies must use these testimonials when trying to keep customers comfortable – especially the new and prospective ones. Additionally, prominently displaying these testimonials is publicity and advertisement for the customers too – their company and their names would receive prominence on so many different platforms.

Being able keep customers comfortable ensures that they come back repeatedly, bring their friends, and consistently spread the positive word of mouth. As mentioned, the most desired kind of customers are those who are loyal and over time become raving fans and brand advocates.  The more comfortable and happy a company can make customers feel, the higher the chances of building a customer base that would remain solid and profitable for years.

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