3 Creative Ways To Surprise Your Customers (They expect it)

Customers are an important asset to a business. As time goes an entrepreneur has to learn to maintain them. Maintaining your customers means keeping them smiling and coming back to you and always ensuring they are happy to transact with you.

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It is unfortunate that many business men have poor skills when it comes to surprising their most important asset. Check out creative ways to surprise

Try doing something out of the extra ordinary. Customers are used to receiving small gifts such as sweets and candies. Be different and give a reasonable gift. Do not wait for the customers to come to the shop, deliver to their door steps. Imagine how a customer would receive the delivery of a pack of sausages. It is really a surprise.

Surprise your customers by posting thank you notes personally to them .Instead of making thank you notes automatic, write them. Make your notes handwritten and post them frequently to keep reminding customers how important they are.

Most of the businessmen tend to be interested in customers money and not their satisfaction. Follow up with your customer’s progress. You can do this by asking customers how the product they bought treated them. Check in with customers and ask if the product served its purpose.

There is no better way to surprise your customers than give them an experience they’ll always remember. Yonyx helps organizations improve the consistency and quality of their customer support and along with that improve what is called CSAT (customer satisfaction) which is the best “surprise” you can give them.

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