Controlling Temper is Essential in Customer Support

Customer support is all about dealing with all kinds of people and possibly “all walks of life.” Regardless of the person’s status, there should always be room for genuine politeness and respect. However, it is kind of challenging for you if you’re in customer support because you have to put up with “controlling your temper” despite the attitude people are showing you.

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Controlling your temper is obviously just all about control, which is essential in customer support. For instance, a customer called and you answered – naturally. You greeted with your most friendly tone and asked how you can help him/her. Your friendly tone and genuine concern was answered with an annoying high-pitched tone or rude comments. What is the next best thing that you should do?

Control your temper by reminding yourself that you are talking to a customer who is probably having a bad day because of the issues and concerns he may be having of your company’s services or product. Empathize with the customer’s feelings. Get to the bottom of why the customer is angry so you would know the things you should do or say. If you meet his temper with your own temper, you will be labeled as a company with bad customer support almost automatically and this could hurt the overall reputation and credibility of the company.

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