Customer Support, How Long Will You Keep Customers Waiting?

When it comes to customer support, how long will you keep customers waiting? Will the waiting time affect the overall customer experience? With the presence of social media CRM and other important tools for customer support, is it still acceptable to keep customers wait for a certain period of time? How can you lessen the customer’s waiting time?

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Different people have different standards when it comes to what’s acceptable for them. There are people who don’t mind waiting for a few seconds or minutes just as long as when they’re catered to the attention would be undivided. There are also other people who want answers immediately as if you already know the answer even before being asked.

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Since there is no way to quantify the acceptable standards basing on the millions of opinions, one good solution would be to lessen the necessary waiting time. This is the goal of every customer support system whether social media CRM or interactive self-service method. Not all questions are answered by the knowledgebase you have set up in your website and so this leaves customers submitting support ticket.

When this happens, they expect you to give them answers the soonest possible time you can. What’s not acceptable to customers is when it takes you more than 24 hours to give them what they needed.

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