Benefits Of Supplying A Software Installation Bible For Your Customers

Empower customers with software installation bibles.
Empower customers with software installation bibles.

The installation of computer software can be a nightmare, especially for those who have poor backgrounds in IT, telecoms, etc. Merely having an ordinary FAQ on your website is not enough to make your customer experience optimal. Computer software companies must rise to the occasion by supplying more than a handful of FAQs to their customers. A software installation bible is one thing they should never sell software without.

Yonyx enables organizations to create decision tree driven interactive guides for troubleshooting or how-to related customer self service.

Here are two core benefits of supplying a software installation bible to your customers.

Makes troubleshooting easier and faster

When customers face a rough time trying to install software on their computers, many of them flip. Some can call your customer service department, get back to your FAQ section, or buy new software they can understand. A software installation bible has all they need to know about your software and can make troubleshooting during installation much easier.

Lowers customer service costs

A software installation bible can lower your customer service costs as an effective self service strategy. This is because they don’t have to call in with each and every installation query.

With Yonyx software installation bibles, you’ll be in a better place customer experience management-wise. Learn more about Yonyx software installation bibles/manuals, among other self service optimization materials.

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