How to Optimize Your Knowledge Base for Self Service

Your knowledge base is a strong determinant for how much success you’ll achieve with self-service. However, not many people know how to make their knowledge base tick for their customers.

Luckily, you don’t have to struggle getting your knowledge base up to par anymore. This article gives you three things you should do to boost self-service performance with your knowledge base.

Periodically review articles

Customer knowledge base will always have an expiry date and that’s how you must treat it. Periodically review your knowledge base articles to make sure they are up to date- or at least, remove the outdated ambiguities in the knowledge base articles.

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Keep improving your articles

The key to useful self-service is improving on whatever information resources you have. What else would customers need to make their decisions better? What else can you add to what you already have? Continuously improving your knowledge base is the key to self-service success.

Create with customer journey in mind

Your knowledge base should be tailored with the way customers find it. Mostly, it begins with a search, selection and then finding solutions. It has to be created in a layout that helps customers with their problems.

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