How To Make A Less Painful User Guide For Your Customers

Make useful user guides for your customers.
Make useful user guides for your customers.

A user guide is the last thing you will expect your customer to have. They have probably used it for wrapping an object or have simply thrown it away. From this, one can easily tell that user guides are not a customer’s favorite. User guides can be detailed and complicated at times. The worst thing you can ever do is making it boring.

Yonyx enables organizations to create decision tree driven interactive guides for troubleshooting or how-to related customer self service.

Using comics is the only way to save your customers. The use of great images and photos will definitely turn your customers back to life. Take that advantage by presenting a user guide that is unique and different. It should not be one that customers will throw on reading the first page.

A major reason why you need to incorporate comics is to make your guide less sophisticated. Throwing statements here and there does not really provide a solution. Using drawings, explain a statement you just provided. You will make it easier for your customers and motivate them to continue using the guide.

In real sense, user guides are not bad; it’s the way they are written that kills the morale of customers. Before you launch a certain product, ensure its user guide is less pain to have.

Your business needs to have a user guides or knowledge base for customers, especially if it exists online. The above tips give you guidance on how not to kill your customer morale with bad guides. Yonyx gives you the user guides your business needs.

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