2 Worst Things You Should Never Say to Customers

Every customer looks up to your company’s customer care to solve his or her problem immediately. It is however,  natural for services or products offered to customers not to be exactly what they want. This draws up a lot of anger such that makes them run to you for help.

This crucial stage requires your customer care personnel to treat them with extreme patience, and not melt them down further (unfortunately, this happens a lot). Here are some two worst things never to say to your customer for the best customer experience.

“There is nothing I can do”

Try to let this word come out of your mouth and surely it’s the last time you will see customers in your office. By saying this you are totally proving your incompetence and lack of any effort into solving the query.

“Do you mind waiting”

No angry customer will have that patience to wait on a call. He has called you because he has a problem and expects you to solve immediately, telling him to wait is like not solving his problem at all.

Generally you should train your customer care agents on how to treat customers with queries. Train them on how to calm customers down as they wait for their issue to be solved.

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