Avoid Common Mistakes of Providing a Helpdesk Integrated User Manual

Though many businesses understand the power of providing a helpdesk integrated user manual, few are able to do so without making at least one basic mistake. Be proactive as you create your helpdesk integrated user manual and you can avoid the common mistakes that most companies make.

Yonyx enables organizations to create decision tree driven interactive guides for troubleshooting or how-to related customer self service.

Check for broken links.

While it might sound obvious, you might be surprised at how often a helpdesk integrated user manual contains broken links. Whether the link is to supplementary resources or to connect to the helpdesk, it is essential to ensure that everything is in working order for your customers.

Allow customers to connect with the helpdesk via multiple channels. 

Don’t limit the ways that your customers can connect with the helpdesk should they have a question. Provide a number of options including phone support, live chat and social media. Let your customer choose how they wish to communicate with your company.

Provide the option to connect to a helpdesk throughout the manual.

You cannot anticipate where in the helpdesk integrated user manual customers will have questions. As a result, it is best to provide a link to connect to the helpdesk at all times. Make it front and center so that it is obvious to customers that your company is there to help.

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