Interactive Software Installation Manual | Improved Customer Support

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve customer support offered for software installation. For many customers, the installation process proves to be difficult and they would benefit from consulting an interactive software installation manual.

Yonyx enables organizations to create decision tree driven interactive guides for troubleshooting or how-to related customer self service.

Is an interactive software installation manual like an FAQ?

Unlike a traditional FAQ, the initial question that a customer has about installation is only the beginning of the decision tree that drives the manual. Customers progress through a serious of questions provided by the interactive software installation manual until the issue is resolved.

Can I integrate my helpdesk with the manual?

You can, and you should. No matter how sophisticated or detailed your interactive software installation manual, customers are bound to have questions. Provide a clear link to connect to a helpdesk and you will increase the scope of support offered to your clients.

What can Yonyx do to help me get started?

We will provide all of the technological support and sophisticated platforms necessary to run your interactive software installation manual. With the guidance of Yonyx, you can generate advanced customer support mechanisms to resolve customer issues with the software installation process as quickly as possible.

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Develop interactive decision trees for troubleshooting, cold calling scripts, medical appointments, or process automation. Enhance sales performance and customer retention across your call centers. Lower costs with customer self-service.

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