How To Create An Effective Troubleshooting Guide

A troubleshooting guide helps to identify a problem in a system or application then fixes it immediately. Many companies strive to come up with a troubleshooting guide but most of them become functionless. Such troubleshooting guides take a lot of time to diagnose a problem. Consumers are currently switching to troubleshooting guides that are quicker and effective.

Here are things to do to make your troubleshooting guide effective for problem solving;

Create and maintain an architecture diagram

A system architecture diagram shows all the components and systems that enable troubleshooting to take place. Through the system one is able to see the main flows touched on during the troubleshooting activity. Up to date system architecture helps in identifying points in the system that make it easy to find clues on how to solve a problem.

Create and track all problem determination points

To troubleshoot, errors must occur from a specific area, file, folder or system. To make the troubleshooting as effective as possible, it’s important that you create a list of all files and folders. So the next time a problem occurs, users will know which file to look for.

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