Handbook for Delivering Quality, Helpdesk Integrated Customer Service

A growing number of companies are moving towards having a customer self service platform with a dedicated helpdesk. Though automated support is essential, the helpdesk integrated customer service handbook dictates that the option to connect with a live agent should not be overlooked.

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A customer tweeting about his issue with the product can be redirected to the helpdesk by the social CRM team, for a quick resolution. This example highlights the importance of helpdesk integrated customer service.

It is therefore necessary to merge the helpdesk with other platforms of customer support, such as social media, email, live chat etc to deliver a seamless customer service experience.

Concepts to consider within the helpdesk integrated customer service handbook:

  • According to the helpdesk integrated customer service handbook, it is vital to have a centralized data repository that consolidates and houses the data from all the individual repositories of different service platforms.
  • The helpdesk integrated customer service handbook emphasizes having a system that is capable of handling information and records of past interactions of both internal and external customer, irrespective of their geography.
  • The most important concept of the helpdesk integrated customer service handbook is to grant the staff every customer support platform to access comprehensive information pertaining to customers, their service requests, stage of resolution. This avoids delays and duplication as well as delivers quality customer service.

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