Engaging Customers through Interactive Videos

Great customer service comes from achieving customer satisfaction through effectively engaging them is a subject that has been and continues to be widely discussed. It is established as one of the prime reasons, for customer loyalty and also as a reason for a customer to walk out the door. Customer satisfaction is reified mainly from the company’s ability to immediately and easily satisfy the need or demand of the customer. With the advancement of technology and the widespread use of social media interactions, innovation and creativity have reached new heights. Companies are vying for customer attention through even means and medium possible, making each promotion or campaign more engaging and participative than the first. The synergy created between the company and the customer through interactive videos dramatically enhances engagement and collaboration. Videos are high impact tools to attract and retain customer attention allowing the focus to remain on your company’s offering. They can be the key drivers for new companies or companies with new products or services. Engaging customers through interactive videos is proving to be indispensable towards customer loyalty.

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[img src=”https://corp.yonyx.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Engagement-leads-to-collaboration11.png” width=”290″ height=”190″ align=”right”] Today’s day and age is all about being on the go yet staying touch. Isn’t that what mobiles, ipads, tablets, reversible PCs are all about? All the information one needs is available with a few clicks of buttons held firmly in the palm of the hand. Interaction through these videos is made possible through hand gestures, voice or touch and companies that have been able to harness this hard technology, are riding the waves of success. For example, online shoppers can view and probe deeper in to the products that interest them and even speak to a customer service agent through live chats to help them decide. This creates a customized and distinctive shopping experience even from the convenience of one’s home. Integrating emails and social media is hitting the bull’s eye with regard to interactive videos. It is now easier for customers and prospective ones, to share and discuss a product or service before actually buying it. These videos hasten the decision making process and a well-made is more likely to achieve the desired results. The companies that use interactive videos effectively are likely to see a dramatic increase in customer awareness leading to engagement and ultimate purchase.

We have established that video marketing is becoming indispensable as a strategy for higher sales and enlightened customers. It is also important however, to make full use of this strategy to gain maximum advantage. There is no dearth of information on the world web about being able to fix or install something and what you as a company should do to enhance sales and a lot more. The mindset has quite suddenly changed to being ‘with it’ all the time. Companies want to increase awareness, broaden the customer base and build the trust and engagement with their customers. Viewing products or services online has become so convenient and people love the fact that they save time and money that would otherwise be spent commuting to visit an actual store or company site. Customers have become increasingly rushed leading to greater demands. They are no longer at ease to wait for a company to inform them of their offerings or even to answer queries. Customers have now got used to having the information at their fingertips, which leaves more time to gain access to more information! True it is a never-ending, cyclic process and companies that are not up to speed, are sure to lose out to competition.

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Within the realm of customer service, ‘Engaging Customers through Interactive Videos’ seems to be coming out on top. Let’s see how:

– The most obvious choice would be a video that introduces you, your company and the offerings. A sharply executed video will hold the attention of the viewer and engage them till the end of the video. These videos can be sent to prospective customers via email linking it to social media by strategically placing the icons within the email. Uploading this demonstration on your company website also adds an extra punch to the site.

– Your existing customers already know about your company and so a video that graphically explains the new products or services you have to offer will significantly enhance engagement. The customer knows that you are committed to having them with you and providing them with service that is over and above what they asked for. Also prospective customers can be sent these videos to study them, before an actual sales representative goes on to meet them.

– As a customer, it would easier to impress and convince me, if I saw and heard rave reviews about a company and product, directly from those who are using it. When customers testify through video, their expressions and sheer enthusiasm tell a powerful and engaging story. It is a more potent way of gaining customer engagement and resultant business.

– The video could have a senior leader in your company help walk your customers through the effective use of your offering and the great results that the customer would have through its use. Floor charts, pictures, screenshots, actual demonstration – are all highly effective means of grabbing eye balls and creating imagery that is memorable and convincing. Creating a feature within this video that allows customers to post questions, feedback or request service, is high-powered and aggressive marketing at its best. This will get and hold the customer’s attention since you are asking for his opinion upfront giving him or her some apparent control.

– Remember to include a section on Frequently Asked Questions with their answers. Get an industry expert or an expert from the industry that would benefit from your product to explain the questions and their answers. This is high-impact and engaging too, since most of the FAQs will probably rid the customer’s mind of several initial doubts. These questions and answers will help the customer sift the relevant data from all the statistics that they are bombarded with.

– Rather than using a celebrity to endorse and showcase your product, it will serve you better to interview the common man who has used the product and is extremely upbeat about it. Honestly, when a model or an actor endorses a beauty brand, I personally am unconvinced. They are models and actors because they already started out beautiful! Similarly when you know that a super-rich sports-person or actor wears only branded outfits and footwear, it seems irrelevant that they would endorse street fashion clothes or sandals. Get real – customers are smart and can tell when the product is being exaggerated.

– The festive season puts everyone in a great mood and sending greetings within your company’s endorsement video, is a terrific way to tell your customer that you care and will ensure that they remember you even during the holidays and or festivities.

Well-crafted and executed interactive videos make for a potent and dynamic way to have a fruitful conversation with your customers or those who you wish to attract. Videos can be personalized to target a particular set of customers belonging to similar industries creating a larger scope for sharing and discussion. A campaign that is discussed negatively at first is still better off than it being completely disregarded. It is vitally important to remember that customers now are refusing to be mute spectators waiting for information to come to them. They want to be deeply involved especially in things that will ultimately touch their business and their lives. It makes more sense with interaction as the customer is taking charge and ownership in the perfecting of the product and service. This would keep him or her engaged and interested in the offering and your company. The higher the interaction possible through these videos, the greater the impact and chances of the product or service being bought! The customer too will remain excited and involved in the progress and usage of what has been bought. Interactive videos are a great way to keep your customers glued to your company and its brand. Who would you rather buy from – a company that tells you what to do or a company that asks you what they should do? Giving the customer a chance to use the video, as opposed to just watching, will substantially increase customer engagement leading to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Interactive videos are a major leap towards excellence in serving your customers.

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