Handling Customer Service Through Email And Support Tickets

In a previous post, we looked at skills needed for handling customer service via the telephone. Now let’s turn our attention to customer service via the internet. Even though the phone is still a very popular customer service tool, online-based mediums such as email and support tickets are gaining in popularity. So what are some good skills to have when working in these mediums?

Good communication skills are a definite. Granted, these are important no matter which medium you use, but with email and support tickets, you don’t have the customer there in front of you to ask questions for clarity, so you have to make the email/ticket count. Explain matters clearly and concisely. Don’t be afraid to personalize your message—your company may have set text and scripts to use, and that’s fine, but if possible, add a personal touch to the proceedings. Timeliness is important in all customer service issues, but perhaps even more so with email/support tickets. You have to prioritize the various requests. Finally, when you do email, provide a summary of what you’ve covered with the customer.

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