How to Draft a New Customer Service Policy

You need to be explicitly clear with the details of your customer service policy, or else you risk it normalizing to whatever your company’s culture or tradition is.  This may not be a bad thing if your company’s culture or tradition is satisfactory, but being clear about the policy will never hurt you, so it’s worth doing. Federal customer service policies are a long way away, so it’s necessary for you to come up with your own.

There are two things that you should keep in mind while writing your customer service policy. First, it should be easy to understand. If your employees don’t understand the policy, how are they going to abide to it? Second, it should be written down for all employees to see. If it’s written down and easy to understand, there’s no reason why your employees won’t act it out.

You may also find it helpful to have some of your employees help you with writing it. Whether you decide to do that or not, you should at least make sure to get opinions from employees in every department. Every department has a different perspective that could add some valuable insight to your new customer service policy.

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