Beware- Three Phrases That Lead To Customer Care Failure

Not all organizations run customer service the same way. For some, customer care is a big part of their business, but for others, it’s a small cog in the wheel. In the long run, some succeed while others continue to struggle without how to make it work.

Yonyx enables organizations to create decision tree driven interactive guides for troubleshooting or how-to related customer self service.

In both cases, customer care is run by word of mouth and some words can have bigger repercussions on customer service success.

These phrases can lead to customer service failure.

“That’s not a problem”

This phrase will not ring a bell to a customer service agent but your customer will definitely not be happy. “No problem” is not a satisfactory answer to give to your customers who say thank you after giving them assistance.

A phrase such as “it was my pleasure to help you” has the exact words to use.

“Are you finished here?”

This phrase will make a customer return back the goods selected and walk out of the shop before making a purchase. Most agents fail to deliver effective customer service because of such phrases.

Trying to push customers to buying in order to leave space for others will lead to failure. Give customers enough time to select their goods and once satisfied, they will definitely pay for what they need.

“Let me get the supervisor”

Your customers are not interested in who will solve their query. The only thing a customer service agent should do is solve customers’ problem. If unable to solve a query, inform your supervisor to help you. Avoid such a phrase and make sure the query is solved.

Yonyx is the most natural way to serve tailored customer self service for your business without these costly phrases.

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