Top 3 Reasons Why “The Customer Is Always Right” May Be Wrong

The “customer is always right” is a phrase most businesses find endearing, or so we are made to believe. While it’s an undeniable fact that customers play an irreplaceable role in your business, it doesn’t mean that they’re always right. They are humans after all.

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Here are reasons why you need to stop believing that the customer is always right.

It makes your employees unhappy

Employees bring productive growth to your business. You need to appreciate them and show them they are as important to you just like your ordinary customers. This phrase however clearly focuses on customers being right all the time while employees are left out, or wrong. This results to a lot of unhappy employees who are not motivated to offer effective customer service.

It gives customers an unfair advantage

This customer is always right as a business principle gives unfair advantage to abusive and rude customers. It covers up for their wrongs, at the expense of innocent customer service agents.

Results to bad customer service

Once you begin to value your customers more than the employees, they will stop caring altogether. They will not avail themselves when a customer needs help .This will result to bad customer service or fake good customer service as customers would coin it.

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