Increase First Call Resolution By Looking into These 5 Influencers

First call resolution is a very crucial metric in any contact center because it touches on the number of customers who find help from calling you. Bad first call resolution rates can negatively affect your sales, customer experience and brand reputation. Every business needs to focus its efforts to increasing first call resolution. Here are 5 factors which affect first call resolution and worthy looking into.

Improve first call resolutions rate
Improve first call resolutions rate

Contact center policies

Every company has its own policies that deal with customer experience and handling. These policies can work for or against first call resolution. Policies that limit agent’s responsibilities will always work against first call resolution.

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Technology is a very important aspect when it comes to fast call resolution. Technological innovation offer channels that store customer data accurately. This data can be used as a quick reference by agents hence reducing call resolution time.

Agent skills

The level of experience and training an agent possess is a very vital if you are to reduce first call resolution. All this comes in handy because he will always understand what customers want and how to go about it.


For agents to handle clients properly they need to prepare early. Having prior knowledge on client needs and demands should always be part of the preparation. This helps reduces reference and communication time.

Customer personality

Caller personality is a great influencing factor. Patient, calm and knowledgeable customers will always cooperate making it easy to communicate compared to difficult ones who will require a lot of time.

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