What’s True About Customer Service and What’s Not?

There’s a lot of talk about businesses. Some popular topics include attracting and maintaining customers and managing funds well. With so much chatter, it’s hard to keep the facts and myths separate.

A big problem that many business owners, especially small business owners, face is deciding how much money to invest into customer service. Many people are under the illusion that only big businesses can afford high quality customer service. This is simply not the case.

A lot of business owners, of both big and small businesses, are under the impression that advertising is key. This causes them to spend thousands or even millions on advertising each year. However, without high quality customer service, these advertising dollars may be going to waste. If your customers aren’t enjoying their experiences in your establishment, your advertising isn’t going to work on them.

Most companies won’t become large, global companies. This doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to afford customer service. Small, local businesses can still benefit from investing in customer service. It can help keep your customers coming back.

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