Best Practices For Designing The FAQ Page On Business Websites

You need great FAQ pages for great customer experience.
You need great FAQ pages for great customer experience.

Your FAQ page is one of the most important pages on any business website.  While it’s not essential for everyone, having a well-designed FAQ page can make things easier if you sell products like software, telecom products or offer services online.  And while there is no real “right” FAQ page design, this article has three things your FAQ’s must have.

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Focus on the information

The frequently asked questions page should focus more on providing user with all possible information they might need. It should be presented in the most professional, and efficient. If the FAQ has a lot of content, break the list into sections for best user experience.

Focus on the user

The way visitors interact with the content on your FAQ page has a lot of impact in their overall satisfaction. Think like your customers do, and then present the FAQ content the way an ideal customer would like it.

Don’t copy

Other people’s customers are not the same as your own. Don’t be afraid to customize your FAQs to specifically appeal and help your own unique customers.

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