Different Layers of Rules in Social CRM for You: Part Five

The previous posts are all about the other four layers of rules in social CRM and we’re nearing the end of this six-part layers. The next layer of rules in social CRM is the criticism layer.

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The criticism layer play an important role in social CRM because this is where improvements in service functions and customer experience often come from. Criticisms both from your employees and customers are important because this allows you to qualitatively and quantitatively measure all business processes. In customer relationship management, however, the company focuses on the customer’s perspective – which is why you collect feedback from the CRM system that you’ve implemented.

Criticism is actually the external tool or metric that enables you to learn how effective your operations as a business is. This layer works in conjunction with the measurement layer and the last – final layer of this series. The social considerations of collecting criticisms – whether positive or negative – is correlated to other data in order to formulate effective business solutions and further improve social channels and ultimately your CRM system.

Even when the criticism is perceived negative, if it is viewed under the fine positive light – you can generate data that will improve not only the entire business function or operation but the customer experience as well.

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