How to Take Advantage of the Information from Social CRM

Social CRM is not “social” if you are not adding social media platforms into your customer relationship management system. The only thing you have to understand is the information you’re getting from these channels are unstructured and raw. As opposed to traditional CRM – customer support where the data you’ll get is well-structured and specific, in social media – the information could be a little unspecific.

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For instance, the feedback may not be directly “talking” about you or the customer is using a language that’s not defined by your company as yours. This feedback will remain unstructured unless you embrace the reality of social CRM – which could mean you have to monitor social media platforms and feed the data you get to useful analytical tools.

How will you take advantage of the information you get from SCRM?

  • Understand what was written – since we’re talking about social media channels
  • Analyze the text or content for relevance
  • Categorize the information according to relevance
  • Group them into concepts that you can take action to
  • Feed it to the entire CRM system so that the entire company can look into it

These points can be a little complicated but the simplest part actually is the gathering of data. By taking advantage of the data you’ve collected, you are actually making use of your social CRM system the right way.

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