Ensuring the Business Reflects Social through Its CRM System

If you want your business to reflect that it’s social, the implemented CRM system should be the best way to go. Right from the start, you should have identified whether your business is social or otherwise – to make things a little convenient for you.

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Here are three things that ensures your business reflects being social through your CRM system:

1. Feedback from customers, act on it and results to better customer experience. This is the primary indicator that your business is implementing social CRM. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using social CRM as your primary customer support channel. What matters is the experience that the customers are getting from you. They want improved or consistent quality in services, better products and more personalized channels.

2. Embracing social is not just the act of “listening” to customers. As previously mentioned, it has to have the elements – feedback, response and results. The act of listening to your customers is just “knowing” what they feel or think at the moment that you’re monitoring them. You should collect the data (which in this case is the feedback), perform necessary resolutions and ensure that the customer gets the satisfaction in the end.

3. Focus on action – customer oriented. Social CRM must be oriented on the customers – not merely on “conversations” but also on action. As you let the customers know you value the insight they have input into your company, they’ll appreciate you more – simple.

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