Reasons Why Customer Satisfaction Fails On Social Media

It is surprising how many organizations are totally failing to manage their social interactions with online customers. The belief that it’s enough to have a social page and just sit around has resulted to a big failure in customer satisfaction.

Yonyx enables organizations to create decision tree driven interactive guides for troubleshooting or how-to related customer self service.

Here are things an organization should avoid to succeed in social customer satisfaction.

On social media, the digital voice from customers is very important to an organization. From the customers comments and status, an organization is able to identify a customers expectation both current and in future. This voice guides an organization in making decisions that are favorable to customers and not to them. Hence, ignoring your customer’s digital voice marks the failure and start of a bad customer service unit.

Using social media to talk and promote your brand is another way an organization could fail on social media. Such an organization is out to loose big on not just sales but customer satisfaction. Social media is a platform to share more interesting news other than just the technicality of a brand.

Social media is a modern tool, insisting on using social media traditionally is a recipe for total failure. If you have to use social media for better customer service, use the modern style. Draft a plan to use, beginning from customer knowledge base content, what to share and how to drive customer satisfaction.

Yonyx will help your business manage social CRM in the best way possible- in much the same way as your best trained live agents.

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