Social CRM – The Better Way of Doing Business Today

With the launching of social CRM, it has revolutionized what we think is a good way of doing business. Different companies have adopted new concepts of marketing and sales while keeping up with the current trend especially with the new CRM technology.

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Social CRM is now changing the world, leaving marks in the business history and revolutionized the world of instant, two-way communication and dynamic relationships between companies and customers. This form of customer relationship management – considering that social media is free – has generated low-cost business operations. What better way to do business than embracing the digital era and social media?

Nonetheless, business entrepreneurs should not embark on this new strategy too hastily because while they spend money on traditional customer management system the integration of social media has not changed how it should function. The core operation of customer relationship management remains the same – only the addition of social networking channels has changed. Take note of the word – “addition”. This means to say that the current CRM system is just the evolved version – but not an entirely new concept.

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Business CEOs should stop thinking that it is “new” because there is nothing new with the current customer relationship management – only new tools and technology, which is indeed a better strategy.

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